Winter Vehicle Survival Kit


Winter Vehicle Survival Kit

winter vehicle survival kit

We have lists of supplies for something going wrong with your vehicle. We also have a list of survival supplies to keep in your car. But, if you live in an area where Winter can be harsh, you need a whole other set of supplies.

You have to keep in mind the conditions you may be in when disaster strikes. Cold weather is no joke! It can be extremely dangerous, even as dangerous as high heat environments. Snow storms, blizzards, avalanches… the list goes on.

Don’t wait until Winter to stock up and buy items for your Winter vehicle survival kit. Have these ready and in your vehicle well in advance. It could save your life when disaster strikes, and help you stay calm instead of panic. Here are the items you need to have in your Winter vehicle survival kit:

Get these items today!

  • Cell Phone Charger – If your battery dies, it will be difficult to charge your phone to contact emergency services. Keep a phone charger and battery pack with you.
  • Snow Shovel – In some areas, a foot or two of snow can drop in one day. You have to use a shovel to be able to move your vehicle. Get something collapsable like this.
  • Warm Clothes – Keep at least one extra set of clothes that are extra warm. If you get wet somehow because of snow, you need to get dry immediately. Make sure you have snow boots.
  • Emergency Blankets – Something wool that will stay warm – make sure you have one for each person in the vehicle.
  • First Aid – No matter what the weather conditions are, you need to have a First Aid Kit with your emergency gear.
  • Water and Food – You can dehydrate easily no matter if it is cold or hot. Have emergency water supplies and food. The calories from intaking food help keep you warm.
  • Jumper CablesThis is a must have no matter what.

What else do you keep in your Winter vehicle survival kit? Let us know in the comments below!


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