Wilderness Survival Foods


Wilderness Survival Foods

wilderness survival foods

When you find yourself in a sticky situation in the wilderness – food is imperative. You need food in order to survive. In order to have energy to perform detrimental tasks, you need to feed your body. If you find yourself malnourished and fatigued, it will not be a good situation. Without food, you are not able to build yourself shelter, find water, and find help or civilization. A book about foods in the wilderness is a handy guide to have available. Here are some basic wilderness survival foods.

Wild Berries

Wild berries are perhaps the most readily available wilderness survival foods out there. Before attempting to eat wild berries, you need to really know your stuff. There are poisonous berries that will make you sick and potentially get you into a deadly situation. Poisonous berries can cause vomiting and dehydration, so make sure you do your research.


Insects are everywhere in the wild. Grasshoppers are not going to be tasty, but can provide some protein that you will need to survive. Remove the wings as well as the legs before you eat them. They will taste better cooked, but can be eaten raw. When it comes down to survival, you will be able to force yourself to eat less desirable foods.

Small Animals

Animals such as squirrels or birds can provide a lot of nutrition. It is incredibly difficult to capture either without a gun, however you can make traps to capture them. Practice at home by making traps and catching squirrels, perhaps in your back yard. You will need to learn how to skin and cook these animals properly, so make sure you research this and practice if possible. Squirrel is by no means the chicken of the wilderness – but it may be much more appetizing than eating bugs and berries. You should cook both birds and squirrels before eating them.

These wilderness survival foods may not be appetizing, or appealing at all. Once you are in survival mode, you may find that these foods can save your life! Have you ever had to eat these types of foods to survive? We’d love to hear about it. Sound off in the comments!


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