What Should I Take Hiking?


What Should I Take Hiking?

what should i take hiking

Are you going on a hike? Planning is always important when traveling into the great outdoors. There are things you should take for hiking, and there are things that you should take in case of emergency. When you are out of your element, it’s even more important to make sure you take extra supplies. Here are the things you should take hiking every time –

Spare Clothes

You should always take a set of spare clothing with you when hiking. If your clothes become wet and it becomes cold, you could have some major issues. Hypothermia can be deadly.

Emergency First Aid Kit

Having an emergency first aid kit is of the utmost importance. If there is a medical emergency, you will want to know how to handle that emergency, as well as have the proper supplies. On the same note, you should have a pocket guide for your first aid kit.


Rope will come in handy for a number of uses. Setting up a shelter, securing a raft, and more. Rope is one of the most handy survival items out there.

Food & Water

If you are planning on a one day hiking trip, bring enough food to last a week. You can buy emergency meal bars and emergency water filters online. Food & water are necessary for survival, and the most important resources to consider when hiking, or in an emergency situation. Make sure to have a way to purify water along the way.

Map and GPS

Getting lost can easily be disastrous when hiking. Learn navigational skills until you are comfortable in your knowledge. Always have a map, and a GPS if possible. It is easy to get turned around in unfamiliar territory.


Yes, knives. Not one knife. Bring at least two knives or multi-tools with knives. There are too many reasons to list why having knives is important. They can get you out of a sticky situation, or even kill your food source for you.


You need a backpack to carry all of your supplies, of course! There are a ton of backpack options, which you can read about here.

Sun Protection

A hat, sunscreen, and sun resistant clothing are all important when hiking. You don’t want to have harsh sunburns on your skin, which can develop into much worse problems later on. Even in the Winter, the sun’s rays can do damage.

So, what should I take hiking? All of the above! Make sure you are well supplied, and prepared for anything that may happen on your trip.


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