What is Hurricane Season


What is Hurricane Season

what is hurricane season

So, what is hurricane season? Hurricane Season is also known as The Atlantic Hurricane Season. It’s a set period of time when most tropical cyclones of the year are expected to develop across the northern Atlantic Ocean. The start dates and end dates can vary from year to year. The 2017 hurricane season is between June 1st and November 30th. 

How Hurricanes Form

NASA says that hurricanes are the the most violent storms on planet Earth, and they should know. The ingredients of a hurricane are very simple: heat and water. Hurricanes happen over warm water, which exists above the equator. Above the ocean’s surface, the air takes in both heat and moisture. When the hot air rises, lower pressure is left behind below it. Higher pressure air moves into lower pressure air areas. It heats up and rises, and then the process repeats itself. This then creates swirls in the air. When the hot air rises higher into the atmosphere, it cools off and becomes clouds. Now, the swirling air and clouds combine to create a deadly hurricane. There is no such thing as a safe hurricane.

How to Prepare

Before Hurricane Season begins, you must prepare. Know your evacuation route at all times, especially the time leading up to Hurricane Season. You must have supplies for before, during, and after the hurricane. Even if the storm is only tropical and not a full-blown hurricane, the damage can be devastating. Have all of your supplies and evacuation plans in place, just in case. If you want to read on how to specifically prepare for and survive a hurricane, check out our blog here.

The Aftermath

Hurricanes can obviously affect people and families. They can be responsible for hundreds or thousands of deaths if deadly enough. But that’s not the only thing hurricanes can do. Economies can be affected when an area needs FEMA intervention. Businesses may need to close permanently after a hurricane causes too much damage to fix. Insurance claims skyrocket, and can put family businesses and local government on hold.

Hurricane season can be scary, but you can be prepared for whatever is to come. Have one goal in mind: survival!


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