Weekly Survival Prep Checklist


Weekly Survival Prep Checklist

weekly survival prep checklist

You can learn all about how to prepare for disaster situations in this blog, and also with survival courses readily available online. But, do you have a weekly survival prep checklist? These are things you should do every single week. Having knowledge is not the only thing you need for survival. You should regularly implement this knowledge to ensure you are prepared for these disaster situations. Here is a check list to go over every single week.

First Aid

Check your First Aid kit. Are there any medications or prescriptions expiring soon? Is anything missing and you need to buy it? If you have any new medical conditions requiring medication, it’s time to add these items to your First Aid Kit.

Escape Plan

Make sure your family and household  members understand your escape plan in case of disaster. Where and when are you supposed to meet up in case of bug out? What items is each family member responsible for finding and bringing? What is your code word to send out when a plan needs to be implemented? This is something to go over with the whole family, regularly.


Weapons and ammunition should be regularly tracked and kept up with. Are your guns clean and in working condition? Your knives need to be kept sharp, and not dull. Is there enough ammunition to last as long as it takes? Take the time to make sure weapons are ready to go. On another note, weapons safety is extremely important. Whether you have guns or bow & arrow, everyone in the family needs to know how to properly use these weapons without harming themselves or your family.


Do you have a power generator? This equipment needs to be kept clean and also tested regularly. A generator is no good if it is not in working order. Flash lights need to have batteries which are fresh and powerful. Throw out any expired batteries.


Check out your food storage situation. Do any items need to be replaced? Is your water supply well stocked and ready to go? If you have taken out any food items this week from your survival food storage, it is time to replace these items and stay well stocked.


Is everyone in your household CPR & First Aid certified? Make sure you are up to date on your certifications. Take an online refresher course, and ensure you are always prepared for medical emergencies. This knowledge needs to be practiced regularly once obtained. Practice stitching on a First Aid Dummy. Perform karate moves in a contained and safe environment.

Important Documents

Make sure all of your important documents such as social security cards, birth certificates, and others are properly stored. A fire-proof and disaster proof box should be used to store these items. Also make sure each family member knows where this is stored. You may have to grab this item quickly in a disaster scenario.

Do you use our weekly survival prep checklist? What do you do to stay prepared on a regular basis? Let us know in the comments!


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