Ultimate Survival First Aid Kit


Ultimate Survival First Aid Kit

ultimate survival first aid kit

One of the most important survival skills is not even a skill. It is simply having an ultimate survival first aid kit. Here, we provide a list of items you must have in your first aid kit to ensure survival in the wilderness, or in any emergency situation.

  1. Duct Tape – It can save your life! Not only will this come in handy in other emergency situations, it is vital to have some in your first aid kit. In a pinch, it can keep wounds closed until you can reach a hospital.
  2. Antibiotics – It may be difficult to get antibiotics which need to be prescribed by a doctor. However, many doctors will be willing to prescribe it to you. Simply explain to them that you need it for preventative measures.
  3. Gauze – If you need to tape up or bandage a wound, gauze will prevent your wound and skin from sticking to the bandaging. No one wants to have to peel tape or a bloodied bandage off of an open wound!
  4. Butterfly Stitches – These are important to have for smaller cuts and wounds.
  5. Antiseptics – Alcohol or peroxide can be used to clean wounds and prevent surface infections, which can turn to deadly internal infections.
  6. Ibuprofen – For pain and inflammation, this simple medication can truly be a life saver.
  7. Antibiotic Ointment – It is important to have an antibiotic ointment to put on cuts and abrasions.
  8. Lidocaine – If you end up needing to stitch someone up, this is a handy product to have. It numbs the skin just enough to more comfortably take being stitched up.
  9. Benadryl – Allergic reactions are common when it comes to being in the wild. Make sure you have an antihistamine and even an Epi-pen for these reactions. Not having this could mean certain death in some situations.
  10. Sterile Tools – Make sure you have sterile needles and blades for the off chance that you have to cut into someone’s skin, or even suture a wound.
  11. Clotting Agent – You need to stop bleeding when it occurs, fast. Find a clotting agent that not only stops bleeding, but also is capable of lasting in all weather conditions.
  12. Scissors – This comes in handy for much more than first aid alone.
  13. Tweezers – To remove splinters and other foreign objects, always have some sterile tweezers ready.
  14. Burn Cream – Burns are very different than other wounds, and need to be treated as such.
  15. Prescription Medications – Keep your medications with you, and have extra with you in case you have an unexpectedly lengthy stay.

Stay Ready, Be Prepared

When you have these items with you at all times, then you will be more prepared for survival. You never know when disaster will strike. Do not just make a kit when you feel like it, or when you head out on a trip. Keep one of these with you at home, and in your car as well.


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