Ultimate Hurricane Supplies List


Ultimate Hurricane Supplies List

ultimate hurricane supplies list

A hurricane is no joke. Whatever the category may be, destruction comes from any hurricane. If you are under mandatory evacuation, it is best to listen to the authorities. People who stay in areas with mandatory evacuation orders tend to either die, or barely make it out alive. If you’re outside of these mandatory zones, you have the choice of leaving or hunkering down. If you do hunker down, there are many supplies you need to consider purchasing. Don’t wait until the hurricane is a couple of days out. By this point, the stores will be flooded with last minute preparers and supplies are limited. You can have these supplies handy at all times, so that there will be no need to rush to the store.

Supplies List for Hunkering Down

  • Water – Make sure to have enough for each person in the household, including pets. Two weeks’ worth minimum, a month’s worth is more desirable.
  • Food – Have non-perishable food storage available at all times. In addition to this, emergency meal bars can be kept in case of emergency supplies running out.
  • Flashlights – The electricity might go out, and you want to be able to see!
  • Batteries – Have extra batteries for any battery powered tools, including flashlights.
  • Emergency Radio – You need to have access to listen to current weather conditions when internet and television are not available. You can choose a model like this one, which is multifunctional.
  • Power Generator – These can be portable or quite large and stationary. You don’t keep them inside your house, but outside. This can be imperative for families with disabilities who need power for medical reasons.
  • Dog Food / Pet Food – If you have pets, you need to keep them in mind as well. Always have extra food to last them for as long as it will take for stores to be normal again.
  • Medication – Whether it is your medication, your pets’ medication, or someone else in the household – you need to make sure to have enough before the storm hits to last at least another month. Doctors will normally work with you on this when natural disasters strike. Call them.
  • A First Aid Kit – You need one of these to be well stocked just in case of medical emergencies.

Additional Supplies

These supplies are not required, but will make hunkering down during and after a storm more bearable.

  • Board Games – What else will you do when the power is out, besides talk to each other? Why not have some fun!
  • Clean Clothes – Make sure your laundry is done, or you could be stuck in the same shirt or pants for a few days.
  • A Boat – Flooding can occur during and after a hurricane. Having a boat can give you peace of mind that if it does happen, you can get out safely.
  • A Dam – These may provide protection to your home in case it floods. It’s much cheaper than flood damage!


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