Tornado Survival


Tornado Survival

tornado survival

If you live in an area where tornado’s are commonplace, tornados are a very real possibility at certain times during the year. Even if you do not live in one of these areas, tornados happen. Food storage is an important part of tornado survival and preparedness. The power can go out, along with the internet, phone towers, and everything in between. You will want to have enough food to last you a couple of weeks. You never know how long it will take the power companies to get back online. Here are some other things to consider for Tornado Survival

  1. Go to your basement. If you’re lucky enough to receive a warning for the approaching tornado, seek shelter after gathering your supplies. If you have a basement, this is the most ideal space to go.
  2. Gather your supplies. If you do not have a basement with supplies stocked, gather those supplies. Your first aid kit, food supplies, water supplies, and survival gear.
  3. If you do not have a basement, find the best place to stay. Stay on the bottom floor and find the most interior part of the house. It should have the most walls between it and the outside of the house. Be in the smallest space possible, a closet or interior bathroom usually works well.
  4. If you live in a mobile home, do not stay because it is not safe. Go to a local storm shelter. Have this information ready at all times. You don’t want to wait until the last minute to figure this information out.
  5. Do you have pets? Put them in a crate with a blanket over it. This will help them remain as calm as possible. Also make sure they are wearing a collar and are microchipped. Weather is one of the number one reasons pets get separated from their owners.

Tornados are scary at times, and being prepared makes all of the difference. Make sure you and your family have the skills and supplies you need for Tornado Survival.


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