Top Survival Games 2018


Top Survival Games 2018

top survival games 2018

Survival is something serious. You must be ready to survive any type of situation, whether it be financial, life-threatening, or life-altering.

We practice ways to survive to stay prepared. You can read books on finding edible wild berries, and then go out and find wild berries for practice.

After watching a video on how to build a fire, it’s a pretty good idea to go ahead and build a fire. These are all wonderful ways to prepare. However, there are also some very fun ways to practice survival skills. We have a list of the top survival games 2018 – and you can have a lot of fun surviving with these!

The Long Dark

There are no other people in this game. No zombies, no friends, no people to protect. It’s just you against the elements. You have to maintain calories, body temperature, water intake, and more.


Don’t Starve

At first, you may think this game is cute. The graphics are cartoon-like in nature. However, you have to manage your time and resources carefully. Oh, and there are also monsters to fight.

State of Decay

This game can be summed up in one word: intense. You have to scavenge and loot, of course. But, you also have to recruit other survivors and manage their attitudes. They respond to events just like a person in a survival situation might. Time to lead correctly in order to survive!

Friday the 13th – The Game

Okay, so this one may not help you in a real life scenario… or will it? Players all play to survive against Jason Vorhees. One player gets to play Jason, and the others are simply trying to survive. You never know, you might be preparing to survive against a psychopath one day!

We hope you enjoy the top survival games 2018 has to offer. Play, prepare, survive!


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