Top 5 Survival Skills


Top 5 Survival Skills

top 5 survival skills

Not all survival skills are created equal. Knowing and perfecting a set of 5 specific skills can improve your chances of survival, while other survival skills may just make the survival life easier. Here are the Top 5 Survival Skills you need to have to be a pro survivalist!

Finding Shelter

You must be able to find shelter, no matter what environment you are in, or what the conditions are. In any emergency situation, it’s imperative to seek shelter or build one yourself. In a cold environment, you will need a shelter to keep your body temperature warm. A hot environment on the other hand will require you to shield yourself from the sun’s harsh rays.

Finding Water

Not only will you need to always have access to water, you also need to purify that water. You may need to boil water before drinking. Bacteria found in running or sitting water can cause grave danger to the consumer of this water.

Building a Fire

Fire is necessary in all survival situations. You may sometimes need it to stay warm, but you will always need it to cook food. Know what type of fire to build, and how to build it. There are many tools you should always keep on you for making the creation of a fire easier. You will not want to spend over an hour creating a fire when time is of the essence.


First Aid

You must know your way around a First Aid Kit and how to best utilize it in cases of medical emergency. Simply having one is not enough, you must know how to perform procedures as it may become necessary.


Finding food, identifying poisonous plants, and hunting all fall under the food category. You can survive much longer without food than you can without water. However, you will eventually need to eat. Eating the wrong food can lead to illness or even death. Eating the wrong berries can cause vomiting or even severe dehydration. Do not wait until you find yourself in survival mode to learn about hunting, cooking, and foraging in the wilderness.

What survival skill is number one for you? Sound off in the comments!


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