Top 5 Survival Gear Items You Need


Top 5 Survival Gear Items You Need

top 5 survival gear items

Some survival items are more like luxuries when you are in a survival situation. A pop up shelter or tent, an emergency radio to contact the outside world, or a portable generator may not always be on hand. These items make survival easier, but they are not as necessary as other items. When you want to be prepared for the worst case scenario, there are 5 survival gear items you need. Here are those items.

1. Water Storage & Purification

You may be able to survive a good long while without food, but water is not the same. Our bodies need water to function, so you need a way to store and purify water. If there is a worldwide catastrophe, getting your hands on water will become a problem. Not just your problem, but everyone’s problem. Water can become contaminated and unsafe to drink. People may kill in order to survive, and this includes stealing water. Not only should you have water stored, but a purification device for new water you come across.

2. First Aid Kit

First Aid is essential, a requirement, a must. The more chaotic a situation becomes, the easier it is to become injured. A good first aid kit will include everything you need for just about any situation. A nuclear detonation would take extreme measures for survival, and you don’t want an injury to slow you down.

3. Survival Knife

A knife can make a sticky situation easier to manage. There are several reasons why you need a knife in any survival circumstance. It will help you clean game, start a fire, build a shelter, open food, create other tools, and more. The list is really endless with this one.

4. Backpack

There is no situation in which carrying around gear in your hands is a viable option. You must be able to carry your gear with you at all times, even if you are lucky enough to have a vehicle. When you leave your vehicle, it can be stolen. A bomb can drop. Anything can happen. Carry your gear, you’re in the clear.

5. Food

This one is obvious. Our bodies need food to store energy. If you are running away from the enemy, that running requires energy. Everything you do requires energy. If you want to be able to build a shelter, light a fire, stay alert or even stay alive, you need energy. A body depleted of energy is one of the most dangerous scenarios of survival.

These Top 5 Survival Gear Items You Need are not a joke. You may think that you don’t need to worry about these right now. Here’s a newsflash, though, you can think you don’t need it all the way up until disaster strikes. Do not wait until it is too late. The time is now!


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