Top 10 Survivalist Supplies


Top 10 Survivalist Supplies

top 10 survivalist supplies

This is a difficult list to create. We’re trimming the fat, the convenience items, and the less important (but still important) supplies. The supplies we are listing here are the TOP 10 survivalist supplies, the best of the best, and the most essential to survival.

Food and water are of course the most important things you need to survive, but for the purposes of this list, I’m not including them as “supplies.”

These are products that can help you get out of a sticky situation, or just help you get through one. Some situations are unavoidable, but survival is ALWAYS possible. There are always ways to escape, or thrive, in an unrelenting environment.

We live in uncertain times, so let’s be prepared and not scared – keep these items on hand. They may one day help to save your life! Survive when you must, thrive when it’s an option.

Top 10 Survivalist Supplies – Keep these available!

  1. Survival Knife – There are thousands of survival situations that call for a knife.
  2. Survival Shelter – You must stay protected from the elements to survive.
  3. Tactical Flashlight – Be able to see at all times. There’s no telling what’s lurking.
  4. Emergency Radio – You need to know what’s going on. When it’s safe, unsafe, etc.
  5. Fire Starter – To cook food, signal for help, and to stay warm.
  6. ParacordRope is something that you can use to set traps, climb, and tie down shelter.
  7. First Aid – You have to have a complete first aid kit. This includes medications that you or your party members need daily.
  8. Backpack – You need a way to carry your survivalist supplies with you at all times.
  9. Axe – When you need more shelter or firewood, an axe will do the job.
  10. Carabiners – You may need to climb or repel at some points, or use carabiners to tie shelter down.


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