Tips When Camping


Tips When Camping

tips when camping

Camping is a fun activity that can be done with family, friends, or your partner. It can also be a good test of survival skills, instincts, and outdoor skills in general. There are some tips you may not be aware of to help you on your adventure. These tips can be helpful, or even life saving. Let’s review the best tips when camping we have for you today!

Campsite Location

Choosing a good location is imperative when camping. Have you ever heard someone call a tree a widow maker? It has the name for a very specific reason. Dead limbs and branches can be deadly. Do not camp near a dead tree, or in an area where there are dead limbs and large branches on the ground. Instead, camp under healthy trees for a bit of cover in case of light rain – it can definitely help.

Tent Choice

Camping tents come in all sorts of sizes, with different features and set-up times. If you are alone or with one other camp mate, consider choosing a smaller tent. Set up time will be quicker, and it’s light weight. If you’re bringing the whole family, buy a tent made for 8-10 people. No family enjoys a cramped space to endure all trip long!


Know how to build and start a fire. This will be essential for light, food, and family fun. Along with the fire, bring any pots, pans, and utensils you need for eating. If you aren’t the best at starting a fire, make sure to get a fire starter that will easily suit your needs.


Bring food that is compact and will not spoil throughout your trip. You should also bring food that is fun to eat – consider the classic S’mores! The whole family will enjoy this delicious treat while enjoying quality time together around the camp fire.



It’s important to make sure the entire family or other camp mates are familiar with camping safety. The fire has a lot to do with this, so make sure everyone understands what to do and not do near a camp fire.

Your clothing should be weather appropriate. If it’s cold, make sure to pack cold weather clothing that will keep you warm during your camping trip. If it’s hot, bring even more than enough water and wear clothing that allows you to breathe.

Do you have any additional camping trips? Let us know in the comments, and have fun camping!



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