Things to Buy for Self Sufficient Living


Things to Buy for Self Sufficient Living

things to buy for self sufficient living

If you are beginning a more self sufficient lifestyle, it’s a great step! Perhaps you start with a garden, or buying some land. Maybe, you even have a tiny home and some crops by now. If you are beginning your journey, there are many items to consider purchasing as a wise investment. These items will come in handy for now as well as in the future. Think of these items as an investment into your new self sufficient lifestyle. Journeying into this new world can be daunting, but it can also be very exciting! Enjoy shopping for these unique items, because they are a part of your brand new future, the start to a wonderful and grand journey into self sufficiency. Here are some things to buy for self sufficient living.

A Chicken Coop

A chicken coop is a wise investment. Having one can provide eggs for eating and adding to recipes. Even if you are in the suburbs, some areas do allow a chicken coop to be kept in the backyard.

A Dehydrator

A Dehydrator is wonderful for drying out fruits as well as meats. This will help you store food that lasts a very long time compared to traditional foods. It’s a solid investment.

A Water Filtration System

Water is a must for all life. This includes you, your family, and your animals. This filtration system has everything you need to start.

A Tool Kit

Making your own home repairs is a must for self sufficiency. Learn and practice on how to use tools to repair every day items. Use them for tasks around the house regularly to get used to them. This kit is fairly comprehensive and is inexpensive.

A Solar Power System

This is an expensive item, however it is well worth the investment. Solar power allows you to live more off-grid. There are base kits such as this one available for purchase online.

What advice would you give on things to buy for self sufficient living – sound off in the comments!


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