How to Survive an All Nighter

How to Survive an All Nighter

how to survive an all nighter

It’s crunch time, and you have a report due. Or, perhaps you have an exam you need to study for. Maybe, you have a presentation at work that you need to prepare for last minute.

Surviving an all nighter is not something fun to do, and we do not recommend ever pulling an all nighter. The effects of sleep deprivation are not fun, and can be harmful to your body.

That being said, we do understand that these things are necessary sometimes. How to survive an all nighter does not have as much to do with survival, but with minimizing the potential negative effects.

These are simply tips. Note, I do not have a medical background or degree. Rather, I do have a background in pulling all nighters when necessary!

What to Eat & Drink

If you’re going to consume caffeine, spread it throughout the night and include a LOT of water. You don’t want to over do the caffeine, and you need to stay hydrated. Sugar is your enemy, and will make you crash faster. Try to eat healthy and line up good quality snacks.

Take Naps

Even if you can pull off a 20 minute nap every few hours, this is better than zero sleep. What’s even better is if you can sleep for a full 60-90 minutes at some point.

Temperature & Lighting

Cold temperatures and darkness make our bodies tired. Keep the lights on, and try to keep the temperature around 75-76 degrees Fahrenheit.

Don’t Drive

This can be very dangerous. Do NOT drive after pulling an all nighter. Call a cab, take a bus, but do not get behind the wheel. You may even be able to take a nap on the way to and from your destination!

Chew Gum

There are studies that show chewing gum can increase alertness. This is worth doing when you are pulling an all-nighter! Cinnamon gum might even improve your alertness further.

These tips are for informational purposes only. Again, I have no medical degree and have no medical background.

Surviving a Breakup

Surviving a Breakup

surviving a breakup

Our closest connections are with people who may or may not stick around in our lives for good. It takes a lot of emotional effort, relationships, breakups, and heart breaks to find “the one.”

When you think you have the one, it makes it all that much harder surviving a breakup with that special person. Breakups do not usually end amicably. There’s tension, emotions, and both parties may not want it to end.

The emotions that accompany a breakup can take a huge toll on you both physically and emotionally. Surviving a breakup is hard, but it is possible. You will get through this. Here are some great tips for surviving a breakup.

1. Stay Healthy

Do not over drink, smoke, or start unhealthy habits. There are alternatives like healthy eating and doing yoga, or meditating. These activities will help you feel better, instead of worse. Working out is shown to decrease stress. Try some yoga for beginners or some simple meditation.

2. Let your feelings out

It’s not healthy to bottle up emotions. If you need a good cry, let it out. It’s best to have someone to reach out to as well, who can be there and support you in the tougher moments. You can get through this, but bottling up emotions can prolong the torture. A great way to let your feelings out is to actually write them down daily in a journal. There’s something therapeutic about writing feelings down on paper.

3. Hang out with positive people

When you’re feeling down or blue, a happy-go-lucky friend may not seem like your first choice. After all, misery loves company. However, it can do you a lot of good to surround yourself with positive people instead of negative Nancy’s. The dominant emotion in a group tends to spread to the less dominant. So positivity can come a long way, even to you. The power of positive thoughts is an extremely powerful thing!

4. Give to others and be grateful

Giving your time or donations to others is a very therapeutic process. It makes you have positive feelings and emotions. Helping others truly does help you. It’s something you can continue, even after you fully recover from your breakup. Volunteer, donate, repeat.

It may seem like you will never get through this. But you will survive this breakup, and you will recover.


How to Survive a Toxic Work Environment

How to Survive a Toxic Work Environment

how to survive a toxic work environment

Not every job you have is your dream job, or even an ideal job. Sometimes, we accept positions because we have to do what we have to do. Or maybe, you love your job. Possibly, it’s the environment that is toxic.

How to survive a toxic work environment is something important to know. We all deal with it at some point in our lives, and it’s not very much fun. Don’t worry, you can persevere!

Staying sane in these situations may seem like a difficult task, but we are here to help you with some ideas and thoughts on how to survive a toxic work environment.

1. Leave work at work

Don’t take work home with you! If your work environment is toxic, there’s no good reason to bring that toxicity home with you. Don’t check your work e-mails when you are not on the clock. Don’t even accept a work phone call when you’re at home.

2. Stay true to yourself

There is a large chance toxic office politics are at play in any toxic work environment. Don’t give in, and do not compromise your character. Favors are one thing, being asked to sweep something under the rug so someone else doesn’t find out is another thing. Don’t participate in any workplace drama. When it’s already toxic, it’s easy to get caught up and lose yourself in it.

3. Keep your space positive

Whether you have a cubicle or an office, it’s your work space. Make it a positive one! Surround yourself with colors that make you happy, maybe diffuse an essential oil diffuser. Put pictures of your family in your space. Maybe even use some quirky workplace humor with a calendar or a sign.

4. Have an exit plan

Even if you are going to work at the same place for months or years, know how to leave when the time comes. If things don’t change and it stays a toxic work environment, leaving will become the only option in the future. Have your plan ready ahead of time, so you can cut ties without burning bridges.

Top Survival Games 2018

Top Survival Games 2018

top survival games 2018

Survival is something serious. You must be ready to survive any type of situation, whether it be financial, life-threatening, or life-altering.

We practice ways to survive to stay prepared. You can read books on finding edible wild berries, and then go out and find wild berries for practice.

After watching a video on how to build a fire, it’s a pretty good idea to go ahead and build a fire. These are all wonderful ways to prepare. However, there are also some very fun ways to practice survival skills. We have a list of the top survival games 2018 – and you can have a lot of fun surviving with these!

The Long Dark

There are no other people in this game. No zombies, no friends, no people to protect. It’s just you against the elements. You have to maintain calories, body temperature, water intake, and more.

Don’t Starve

At first, you may think this game is cute. The graphics are cartoon-like in nature. However, you have to manage your time and resources carefully. Oh, and there are also monsters to fight.

State of Decay

This game can be summed up in one word: intense. You have to scavenge and loot, of course. But, you also have to recruit other survivors and manage their attitudes. They respond to events just like a person in a survival situation might. Time to lead correctly in order to survive!

Friday the 13th – The Game

Okay, so this one may not help you in a real life scenario… or will it? Players all play to survive against Jason Vorhees. One player gets to play Jason, and the others are simply trying to survive. You never know, you might be preparing to survive against a psychopath one day!

We hope you enjoy the top survival games 2018 has to offer. Play, prepare, survive!

How to Survive Moving

How to Survive Moving

how to survive moving

There are many things we go through in life that may not be fun, but are worth it. For example, childbirth may not be the funnest of activities – however you get a beautiful baby to raise in exchange.

Moving is one of those things most of us do multiple times throughout our lives. Maybe you have a job offer waiting for you in another state, or maybe you’re moving into a house from an apartment.

Whatever the case may be, you need to know how to survive moving because it can be a stressful, expensive process.

Save up

Moving is expensive. There are moving companies that make moving a heck of a lot easier than trying to pile all of your furniture into your car, or even a truck. Using movers tends to reduce stress, making it worth it.

You also normally have to have a down payment or a deposit saved up, depending on whether you’re buying or renting. Boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and other supplies – they all cost money. Give yourself at least six months before you move to build up a savings specifically for moving.


Don’t stress too much about moving. If you gave yourself enough time, you can pack little by little each day.

If it’s an unexpected and sudden move, get friends to help, or even hire help. Take a relaxing bath and use essential oils to soothe your muscles, which can tense up from stress.

How to survive moving is not all about financials. You must take care of yourself as well, and do not let the whole process overwhelm you. Try some yoga in between packing up!

Remember that the finish line is near. The move will happen, and you will be in a home of your own. Knowing this can put your mind at ease.

Prepare for Marriage Financially

Prepare for Marriage Financially

prepare for marriage financially

There are so many things we need to prepare for, and we need to survive. Financial preparedness is a way to prepare for just about anything.

Let’s be honest, marriage is something to survive! If it was easy, it would not be a big deal. Divorce would not exist.

Did you know one of the top reasons for divorce is financial issues? I’m not saying it will cause a divorce for certain, but financial issues almost always have an impact on a marriage. To prevent this, you must prepare for marriage financially. Let’s look at some ways to do just that.

Create an Emergency Savings

Why? Because weddings and marriages cost money. You are going to spend a lot of money on a wedding, a house, having children, and other things as well.

When something throws a wrench in those plans, you want to be able to cover those wrenches. Many people only have $1,000 or less in their emergency fund. This is not enough! You should have enough money to cover three months of expenses and bills at any given time.

Hospital bills can accrue, opportunities may arise, and you need the financial safeguard to make sure these things can happen. Here is a great book on how to start.

Share Money and Budget

It’s very difficult to budget anything as a couple if money is separated. You need to make all financial decisions together.

If one person is saving all of their money and the other is being less than frugal, it’s not fair and can lead to animosity and fights. No one wants that in their marriage!

Instead, create a financial spreadsheet with your partner and stick to a budget, using both of your funds for both spending and saving. Use a budgeting planner for some extra help to prepare for marriage financially.

Are you already in financial stress? No worries! You and your partner can turn everything around. Thousands of couples and individuals have benefited from reading this book by David Ramsey.

How to Prepare for a Baby Financially

How to Prepare for a Baby Financially

how to prepare for a baby financially

There are different ways to survive. You must survive dangers, emotionally, and financially. In this post, we are discussing how to prepare for a baby financially.

Babies are not always in your plans, but they show up and surprise you anyway. It may not be what you hope for, but a baby is something you can always be thankful for!

One of the main struggles of new parents and mothers is the financial struggle. Preparedness is something we should keep in mind for all circumstances.

Having a baby falls under a circumstance which forces you to plan for extra expenditures. You have a whole new human to take care of! There are some ways to prepare financially that you may not already have thought of.

Cut back on extras

Need some money in your pockets for baby stuff? Try not eating out for an entire month. $20-$40 each time can really add up – sometimes to hundreds depending on what you are used to! There are some great mom-centric books on saving money, like this one. There’s even a book on how to make extra money as a mom, whether you stay at home or not.

Stick to the essentials

You don’t have to get the most expensive stroller, or the brand name diaper bag your friend is going on about. Here are some essential items that don’t break the bank:

Live within your means

Credit cards are great for emergencies. That means you should use them for emergencies only – this way if something happens, you have the funds immediately available to you. It also means you are not paying a monthly payment on something you no longer have or do not need.

Even if you are not a parent and not having a baby, one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself financially is to get out of debt.

Survival Resolutions for 2018

Survival Resolutions for 2018

survival resolutions for 2018

2017 was tough, but we’ve made it through! It’s important to ensure each year that you make survival resolutions.

This brings me to your survival resolutions for 2018 – what you need to think about starting now. It’s like a constant re-vamp of supplies, knowledge, and more. There are a few different survival resolutions for 2018 so let’s begin.

Re-stock First Aid

You should always have medications in your first aid kit. Not just your typical aspirin or antibiotics, but also your daily prescriptions. Normally, your doctor will allow you to have some extra medication if you explain that you’re stocking your first aid kit. Medications expire, and so do some medical tools and equipment. Re-stock at the beginning of each year, and always be ready!

Update Vehicle Emergency Supplies

Did you get a new vehicle in 2017? Make sure you update your vehicle emergency supplies and have the equipment you need for the exact type of vehicle you have. Spare tires should fit your wheels, extra batteries are made for specific vehicles… you get the idea. If you have a flashlight but it has been used before, it’s about time to replace those batteries for fresh ones.

Replenish your knowledge

You need to constantly gain knowledge about survival. Books are the best way to do this! Survivalist books are readily available, and cover a great span of subjects. Some great examples are:

These are some fantastic survival resolutions for 2018 and beyond. It works for every year, and sometimes even more often.

What are your survival resolutions, and other resolutions for the New Year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

How to Survive in 2018

How to Survive in 2018

how to survive 2018

2017 was a challenging year for most people. It could simply be because life is full of challenges. Or, maybe you lost someone dear to you in 2017.

Many nations are in turmoil from wars, poverty, lack of resources, and corrupt governments. Terrorism plagues many regions of the planet.

Did you perhaps let your health slip, or gain a few extra pounds this holiday season? You are resilient, you are amazing, and you are human.

You can survive and thrive through any situation. Not all of your loved ones may be here today.

Finances can change and decline at any given moment. Industries change. Life happens!

So, how to survive in 2018 is up for debate. I say, stay happy above all else, and treat others with respect and empathy.

Other than this, there are items to make life a little happier, or a little easier. Let’s take a look at some fun products to help improve your life, so you can survive and thrive in 2018!

Self Help Books

There are a few books we are in love with. They can help you maintain the peace of mind to survive in 2018. These books are…

  1. You are a bad*** – How to Stop Doubting your Greatness and Start living an Awesome Life
  2. The Secret
  3. Declutter Your Mind

Inventions to make life easier

Sometimes, you just need a little help. Here are some inventions to help make life a little bit easier at home.

  1. Amazon Echo
  2. Nest Thermostat
  3. Robot Vacuum

Products to help you stay healthy in 2018

  1. Fitbit Smart Watch
  2. Folding Exercise Bike
  3. Meal Prep Cookbook

How to survive in 2018 doesn’t have to be complicated. Focus on yourself, your family, and your happiness. Stay healthy and happy.

Enjoy life to its fullest, and don’t worry about the small stuff. We wish you a happy and healthy 2018 from all of us at Survival by Southern Zoomer!

What to put in a Christmas Survival Kit

What to put in a Christmas Survival Kit – Day of Edition

what to put in a christmas survival kit

It’s the holiday season, and we’re in the middle of Hanukkah right now! It’s exciting, and it can also be overwhelming.

A Christmas survival kit may be necessary to make it through this holiday season. We know what to put in your Christmas survival kit leading up to the holidays, but what about the day of?

You were picked this year to host Christmas dinner – maybe against your will. Maybe you have the most central location, or perhaps your house is extra festive. Either way, you have been selected with the honor (or the terror) of having all your aunts, uncles, parents, in-laws, nephews, nieces, and cousins over. You also have to entertain.

There are many things that can help you survive Christmas with family and friends gathered at your home. Let’s review what to put in a Christmas Survival Kit – the day of edition!

Items for your Christmas Survival Kit


Everyone could use a good game to lighten the mood! Try the Speak Out Game which leads to much hilarity! Check out this video for a preview of what may happen in your home.

If you’re a sucker for classics, UNO may be the game for you! Creating light-hearted family arguments since 1971.


Everyone loves snacks and treats for Christmas! There are some things that you only have during the holidays. Try stocking up on nuts, popcorn, and obviously – adorable Christmas cookies!

Holiday Clothes

Last but certainly not least, why not make your family wear ugly Christmas sweaters to your Christmas gathering? After all, you’re doing the hosting. You’re providing food, drinks, snacks, and even games. The least your guests can do is liven it up with some fun sweaters! Here are some of our favorites, available on Amazon:

FREE Survival Gear

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Surviving An Economic Crisis

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