How to Become Self Sufficient

How to Become Self Sufficient

how to become self sufficient

So, what exactly is self sufficient living? In essence, self sufficient living is being able to provide for yourself and your household without outside resources or assistance. This means financially, with food, water, and everything in between. There are many reasons people want to become more self sufficient. Political climate may not be the best in a given country. Environmentally, it’s very responsible to be self sufficient and have a low impact. Over time, it becomes a much cheaper way of life to not depend on money and outside resources. So, let’s learn the first steps in how to become self sufficient – at least more self sufficient.


One of the best ways to begin self sufficient living is to start a garden. You must do plenty of research before you start, however. You need to know which plants thrive during which times in your specific climate. Here is a fantastic book on how to start growing your crops.


Water is perhaps the most important resource you must have to survive and thrive. You need a way to collect it, and a way to filter it. One simple way to collect it is to harvest rain water with a collection barrel.   You need a high quality water filter, or a barrel and filter all in one such as this one.


A growing trend in the housing industry is actually perfect for becoming self sufficient. Tiny homes have a minimal impact on the environment. They are often moveable as well. You can use solar power on a tiny home, which is much easier than on a standard size home. It takes less energy to power a tiny home. There are many clever and creative ideas for building your own tiny home in this book.

So, to learn how to become self sufficient, you need to start somewhere. Read up, study, and begin with food, water, and housing.

What is RFID Technology?

What is RFID Technology?

what is RFID technology

RFID stands for radio-frequency identification. This technology identifies and tracks tags attached to objects (or even people) – automatically. These tags store information inside of them electronically. There are many examples of this technology that you may already be familiar with. For example, when you microchip your pets, RFID technology is in the microchip. It Contains the pet owner’s address, phone number, and other identifying information. This way if the pet is lost, you can scan the RFID chip and the information will be readily available to the Veterinarian who scans the microchip. Some credit cards use RFID technology so that the credit card information can transfer to a card reader without physically touching it.

Is RFID technology safe?

There are hackers and criminals out there in the world. There are many who know how to hack personal information off of your RFID chip credit cards. Criminals carry an RFID reader with them and silently steal away identities and financial information. If you happen to carry a credit card with RFID technology, it is best to protect yourself.

RFID protection

There are several options when it comes to RFID blocking wallet protection. Here are some popular items that can help keep your identity and personal information safe:

New technology sometimes seems to be a hindrance to safety. However, we can always stay prepared and protect ourselves. For any new technology that comes out, there will always be a protection plan in place if we stay vigilant. Don’t become the person who gets their identity stolen. Be the person who prevents it by carrying the latest protection available!

Do you have any RFID credit cards in your wallet? Check your wallet out, and let us know in the comments!

Ultimate Hurricane Supplies List

Ultimate Hurricane Supplies List

ultimate hurricane supplies list

A hurricane is no joke. Whatever the category may be, destruction comes from any hurricane. If you are under mandatory evacuation, it is best to listen to the authorities. People who stay in areas with mandatory evacuation orders tend to either die, or barely make it out alive. If you’re outside of these mandatory zones, you have the choice of leaving or hunkering down. If you do hunker down, there are many supplies you need to consider purchasing. Don’t wait until the hurricane is a couple of days out. By this point, the stores will be flooded with last minute preparers and supplies are limited. You can have these supplies handy at all times, so that there will be no need to rush to the store.

Supplies List for Hunkering Down

  • Water – Make sure to have enough for each person in the household, including pets. Two weeks’ worth minimum, a month’s worth is more desirable.
  • Food – Have non-perishable food storage available at all times. In addition to this, emergency meal bars can be kept in case of emergency supplies running out.
  • Flashlights – The electricity might go out, and you want to be able to see!
  • Batteries – Have extra batteries for any battery powered tools, including flashlights.
  • Emergency Radio – You need to have access to listen to current weather conditions when internet and television are not available. You can choose a model like this one, which is multifunctional.
  • Power Generator – These can be portable or quite large and stationary. You don’t keep them inside your house, but outside. This can be imperative for families with disabilities who need power for medical reasons.
  • Dog Food / Pet Food – If you have pets, you need to keep them in mind as well. Always have extra food to last them for as long as it will take for stores to be normal again.
  • Medication – Whether it is your medication, your pets’ medication, or someone else in the household – you need to make sure to have enough before the storm hits to last at least another month. Doctors will normally work with you on this when natural disasters strike. Call them.
  • A First Aid Kit – You need one of these to be well stocked just in case of medical emergencies.

Additional Supplies

These supplies are not required, but will make hunkering down during and after a storm more bearable.

  • Board Games – What else will you do when the power is out, besides talk to each other? Why not have some fun!
  • Clean Clothes – Make sure your laundry is done, or you could be stuck in the same shirt or pants for a few days.
  • A Boat – Flooding can occur during and after a hurricane. Having a boat can give you peace of mind that if it does happen, you can get out safely.
  • A Dam – These may provide protection to your home in case it floods. It’s much cheaper than flood damage!

Protect Yourself from Ticks

Protect Yourself from Ticks

protect yourself from ticks

Ticks are no joke. Those little pests can spread Lyme Disease, which is not a good condition to have. Lyme Disease can mimic many other diseases and their symptoms. It can affect your organs which includes your brain and your heart. Unfortunately, lyme disease can spread to an unborn child as well. You need to protect yourself from ticks, which spread this vicious disease. There are many ways to do this, and I recommend utilizing more than one of these ways.

Protect Your Animals

The first way to protect yourself from ticks is to protect your animals from ticks. They easily hitch a ride on your dog’s fur, and are found on horses fairly often. Make sure you are giving your animals the proper, vet recommended tick prevention medication they need. Sprays also help, but medication is of utmost importance.

Insect Repellant Clothing

There are different insect repellant clothing items that go through a special process to prevent insects from entering. There are shirts, pants, and even socks. It’s very important to protect your feet, since nymphal ticks are on and near the ground. These are the smallest ticks, which you may not even notice.

Check for Ticks

Even if you pick up a tick, how long it sits on your skin matters. Its head is feeding underneath the surface and spreads more bacteria the longer it sits there. Search your whole body. If possible, have someone else assist you. The faster you find this parasite, the better.

Removing Ticks

Know how to properly remove a tick. There are specific instructions here on how to properly remove the tick so you do not spread any more bacteria. If you have a tick, send it in for free testing. It’s much better to be safe than sorry.

How to Protect Yourself from the Zika Virus

How to Protect Yourself from the Zika Virus

how to protect yourself from the zika virus

Zika is a very scary virus. It can cause birth defects for pregnant women who contract the virus, including an awful condition which causes a baby to be born without a brain. It can also cause a host of other symptoms, ranging from very temporary and mild all the way to permanent and major. Instead of letting fear take over, learn how to protect yourself from the Zika virus. Let’s focus on the protection part, rather than the effects aspect of this virus. Simply put, you must protect yourself from this virus. While you do so, you’re also protecting yourself from a host of other diseases that can be spread via mosquito bite. You don’t want any of those either, trust us on that one.

Prevent Mosquito Bites While Out

If you’re not at home and you’re outside, you must use mosquito protection. Consumer reports lists repellant products having 20% or more DEET or 20% or more Picaridin are the most effective. Sprays such as OFF! with less than 20% DEET are shown to be quite ineffective. Picaridin sprays and lotions may have a more pleasant or mild scent over their DEET counterparts. It’s good to have both types of repellants available to you, as mosquitoes can quickly become resistant to one type of chemical. Switch it up regularly.

Prevent Mosquito Infestation at Home

There are many ways to prevent mosquito infestation at home. For example, you can get rid of any standing water. However, sometimes a neighbor or a bayou nearby makes it nearly impossible to do so. There are fog machines with mosquito prevention chemicals that you can buy online. You can spray them around your home, protecting your most vulnerable areas. You can also have your local pest control professional spray for you, but it is going to be expensive. Using a fogger lasts anywhere from 3-6 weeks depending on the weather, so we recommend doing this often.

The Zika virus is also passed through sexual contact, so it is important to practice safe sex. Make sure to protect yourself from this virus, it has caused devastation in other parts of the world. Let’s prevent devastation here. Know how to protect yourself from the Zika virus.

Why Self Defense is Important

Why Self Defense is Important

why self defense is important

If you follow our blog, you may notice that we write about self defense. This is a survivalist blog, so why do we post about self defense so much? Survival is not only about unique disaster situations such as hurricanes or tornadoes. It’s also about day to day survival, in situations that happen all to often. Especially for women, it can be a dangerous world out there. People are arguably more dangerous than other survival situations you may find yourself in. You can’t predict an attack from an individual. The best thing you can do is to protect yourself using self defense, and this is why self defense is important.

Self Defense Classes

One way to protect yourself is to take self defense classes. There are classes in most major cities you can take to learn to protect yourself. These classes include more broad self defense classes, as well as more specific classes. These specific classes include Karate, Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and mixed martial arts classes. These classes can truly be useful to anyone. A bonus is you will most likely find yourself in better shape after completing any one of these courses, and practicing regularly.

Self Defense Products

Another way to protect yourself is to carry self defense products with you. You can keep an item in your pocket, at work, in your vehicle, and at home. Here are some examples of self defense products available for purchase:

Self defense is imperative. You must always remain prepared. Danger can lurk around any corner, at any time. Being afraid is not necessary, but being prepared is. There is nothing to fear when you are ready for any situation that may occur. We try our best to help you remain prepared here at Survival by Southern Zoomer.

Protect Yourself from the Sun

Protect Yourself from the Sun

protect yourself from the sun

The Sun can be beneficial, but it can also be harmful. Sun burns and blisters can form on your skin, and too much sun exposure can lead to cancer. The brightness of the sun’s rays can damage eyesight, especially on white snowy slopes where it is easily reflected back at you. Closer to the equator, it is even more important to make sure to protect your skin from the sun’s rays with protective clothing and sunscreen. Here are some ways on how to protect yourself from the sun.


You can make your own sunscreen, but this may not always be ideal. For example, you could run out and not have the ingredients you need to make more on the spot. Here are some of the strongest sunscreens with top ratings online.


The best sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun have UV protection built in. Here are some pairs that may interest you. They are fashionable while also providing utmost protection.


Sun protective clothing may not always be necessary, however during outdoor adventures like hiking or beaching, you should make sure you have protection. Here are some clothing options for protecting yourself from the sun.

It’s important to protect yourself from the sun in any situation. If you go to the beach for a few hours and forget about sun protection, it could end up disastrous. Even forgetting when you go out to ski can be very dangerous. Always remember to protect yourself, and enjoy yourself when you have fun in the sun. Don’t forget that extra protection when you go fishing, hiking, to the beach, golfing, and more.

Self Defense Products

Self Defense Products

self defense products

There are many items you can use for self defense. Items that come to mind first might be pepper spray, a gun, or a knife. However, there are many other clever self defense products to choose from. Some are obvious, and some do not look like a self defense item at all. You need to choose a self defense product based on what you’re comfortable with. What are you okay carrying around with you every day? Which product can you learn how to use easily, and even master? The choice is yours, and options are limitless. Let’s take a look at some really cool self defense products you can choose from. Get one, or have several handy. You can carry one with you, keep one at work, and have one in your car. You just never know when you will need to use one!

Pepper Spray

Our top pick for pepper spray is this pepper gel spray – it has an 18 foot range and comes with 18 shots. The great part is the gel aspect – it has virtually zero blow-back. Pepper spray is great to keep on a keychain and handy at all times.

Stun Gun

This heavy duty stun gun certainly packs a punch! Reviewers who actually tested this product said it went through three layers of clothing, and took down a 6’3″, 230 pound man in half a second. Now THAT is impressive! If you want to feel better about your nightly walk, carrying a stun gun just may do the trick.

Tactical Pen

This pen is a SWAT tactical pen, and it’s very much a stealth way of carrying self defense with you. It’s great to keep at your office or in your vehicle, without anyone knowing what it is for. The material is an aircraft aluminum alloy, and it can go through things like glass, wood, and some types of metal. The fantastic thing about this product is it comes with a two hour training video, which can be invaluable for self defense.

If you are looking for the best in self defense, it’s important to shop around. Find what works for you, and what you’re comfortable with using. Either online or in person training for self defense is important as well, you don’t want to buy something and not know how to use it. Stay safe, stay prepared, stay alive!

How to Protect Yourself from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

How to Protect Yourself from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

how to protect yourself from carbon monoxide poisoning

What is carbon monoxide poisoning? Well, it isn’t pleasant and it’s important to know how to protect yourself from carbon monoxide poisoning. When carbon monoxide builds up in your bloodstream, you develop carbon monoxide poisoning. Your body replaces the oxygen in your blood with the carbon monoxide, and it isn’t good news. Tissue damage or even death can come from carbon monoxide poisoning. The implications are very serious! If you think you have this poisoning, or someone else you know, take immediate action and get into fresh air. Immediately call 9-1-1 and seek emergency medical care.

Carbon Monoxide is an odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas. It’s produced by burning types of fuel including charcoal, propane, gas, or wood. Improper ventilation can cause a toxic build up of this deadly substance. Examples are in engines and appliances.

Safety and Prevention

As the CDC recommends, everyone should have at least one carbon monoxide detector in their home. If you have a large home or multiple gas appliances, you may need more than one. If you have multiple floors in your home, have at least one on each floor. You can click here to purchase a top rated carbon monoxide detector. It plugs in so it does not run out of battery, and it also has battery back up. It has a 5 year use, so make sure to stay up to date on your carbon monoxide detectors. Always ensure they are in working order. With any carbon monoxide detector, you always want to check the batteries and working condition. Replace as often as you need to!

One more prevention method is to have all gas appliances thoroughly checked every year. If you have a gas heater, this is especially relevant. A properly trained technician will let you know if there are any issues that need to be addressed. If there are issues, do not wait to address them. It can prevent this toxic carbon monoxide poisoning and even death.

Best Pepper Spray

Best Pepper Spray

best pepper spray

Survival is not always about disaster situations, hurricanes, or camping. Survival is also about walking down the street alone. It’s about being safe walking to your vehicle with groceries. It’s even about finding yourself alone at an event or party with a stranger. You don’t always have room for a gun, or the time to reach for it out of a holster. You need something compact that will impact your attacker. Pepper spray may be the best answer to these types of situations. We are going over information about pepper spray, and the best pepper spray you can buy.

What is Pepper Spray?

Pepper spray is a very effective, but non-lethal deterrent for attackers. It is for self defense, and it is the cheapest self defense product available. Within the spray is capsaicin, which is a chemical derivative of peppers. It causes an assailant’s eyes to close, and gives them trouble breathing. Runny nose and coughing is very common. The effects can last around 15 to 45 minutes or so.

Which is the Best Pepper Spray?

You need a pepper spray with at least a ten foot range, you do not want an attacker closer to you than this. Also, you need to consider the amount of shots it has within it. You want at least five shots available, in case of multiple threats. There are several brands that are top quality, and many are not up to par. We have a few different well trusted pepper sprays to consider.

The Sabre Red Key Case Pepper Spray has 25 shots, and a 10 foot range. At under $12, it is extremely affordable as well as effective.

The Sabre 3-in-one Police Strength Pepper Spray has 35 shots with a 10 foot range, as well as a stream to help prevent blow-back. It’s very affordable.

The Sabre Red Pepper Gel is extremely unique. It has 18 shots, with an 18 foot range. That’s a big range! The gel consistency completely prevents blow-back. The enhanced safety of this feature makes this option our favorite for the best pepper spray available! At $13, it is still very affordable.

What kind of pepper spray do you use? Let us know in the comments!

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