Best Wood for Campfires

Best Wood for Campfires

best wood for campfires

If you’re building a fire for survival, chances are you don’t have many options for types of wood to use. However, if you know ahead of time you are going to build a campfire, use the best wood for campfires you can find. This is not limited to just one type of wood, but there are different types of wood that are a cut above the rest. Also, consider cooking. If you want to cook over your campfire, you want to use a good wood!

Hardwoods are very dense, and will therefore burn for longer periods of time. This makes them one of the best options available. However, some softwoods burn well also. Let’s go through a few of the options for the best wood for campfires.


Oak is very popular firewood, for both campfires and fireplaces alike. It’s dense, it burns slowly, and therefore lasts a very long time. Chances are this wood makes your fire last much longer than any other choice. It makes more heat and less smoke than other types of wood as well.


Maple is also a dense wood. It can be difficult to chop if you’re using logs. However, it’s another fantastic firewood that burns long and strong. The smoky scent from maple campfires has a sweet tinge to them.


Ash wood is one of the most common types of wood burning in campfires and fireplaces alike. It’s tough, yet still lightweight and slightly easier to chop than other woods. It burns hot, which is perfect for a Winter time campfire.

So, what’s the best wood for campfires? Any of the above will do the trick. Make sure to use an all natural fire starter for your campfires to reduce air pollution. If you’re cooking, you can put a grill right over your campfire. Never forget about campfire safety – prevent forest fires and injury!

How to be Safe around Campfires

How to be Safe around Campfires

how to be safe around campfires

As with most things in this world, campfires carry an element of danger. As Smokey Bear says, “only you can help prevent forest fires.” However, forest fires aren’t the only things that make campfire safety important. You don’t want yourself or others to get hurt when trying to camp and have fun. It’s important to practice safety when building and when near a campfire.

Where to build a campfire safely

Do not build your campfire in extremely dry conditions. This makes nearby debris more likely to catch fire easily and quickly. Choose an area at least 15 feet away from your tent, branches from trees, small plants, and other hazards. It’s also important to make sure there are not many dry leaves in the area. If it is windy, find a location which the wind is blocked. You don’t want flames to go in every direction.

General Campfire Safety

Make sure to keep children and pets away from the fire. You should never, ever leave a campfire unattended. This is when the most danger can occur. Remember to never have any flammable materials near the fire – such as aerosol containers, gasoline, hairspray, etc.

When you want to put out your campfire, try to first let the wood burn completely out, until it is all ash. Pour water over the fire afterwards. You need to drown all of the embers, whatever the color is. You may notice a hissing sound – pour until there is no more hissing. If water is not available, use a shovel to stir sand or dirt in until the fire is completely out and there is no more hissing noise.

Campfire Fun

Being safe is important, but you can still have a ton of fun around a campfire. You can make s’mores and sing songs around the fire with family or friends. Popcorn is another fun campfire food that the kids can enjoy as well. You can even use mystical fire flame to change the color of the flames temporarily. It’s quite a beautiful site!

Winter Vehicle Survival Kit

Winter Vehicle Survival Kit

winter vehicle survival kit

We have lists of supplies for something going wrong with your vehicle. We also have a list of survival supplies to keep in your car. But, if you live in an area where Winter can be harsh, you need a whole other set of supplies.

You have to keep in mind the conditions you may be in when disaster strikes. Cold weather is no joke! It can be extremely dangerous, even as dangerous as high heat environments. Snow storms, blizzards, avalanches… the list goes on.

Don’t wait until Winter to stock up and buy items for your Winter vehicle survival kit. Have these ready and in your vehicle well in advance. It could save your life when disaster strikes, and help you stay calm instead of panic. Here are the items you need to have in your Winter vehicle survival kit:

Get these items today!

  • Cell Phone Charger – If your battery dies, it will be difficult to charge your phone to contact emergency services. Keep a phone charger and battery pack with you.
  • Snow Shovel – In some areas, a foot or two of snow can drop in one day. You have to use a shovel to be able to move your vehicle. Get something collapsable like this.
  • Warm Clothes – Keep at least one extra set of clothes that are extra warm. If you get wet somehow because of snow, you need to get dry immediately. Make sure you have snow boots.
  • Emergency Blankets – Something wool that will stay warm – make sure you have one for each person in the vehicle.
  • First Aid – No matter what the weather conditions are, you need to have a First Aid Kit with your emergency gear.
  • Water and Food – You can dehydrate easily no matter if it is cold or hot. Have emergency water supplies and food. The calories from intaking food help keep you warm.
  • Jumper CablesThis is a must have no matter what.

What else do you keep in your Winter vehicle survival kit? Let us know in the comments below!

Top 10 Survivalist Supplies

Top 10 Survivalist Supplies

top 10 survivalist supplies

This is a difficult list to create. We’re trimming the fat, the convenience items, and the less important (but still important) supplies. The supplies we are listing here are the TOP 10 survivalist supplies, the best of the best, and the most essential to survival.

Food and water are of course the most important things you need to survive, but for the purposes of this list, I’m not including them as “supplies.”

These are products that can help you get out of a sticky situation, or just help you get through one. Some situations are unavoidable, but survival is ALWAYS possible. There are always ways to escape, or thrive, in an unrelenting environment.

We live in uncertain times, so let’s be prepared and not scared – keep these items on hand. They may one day help to save your life! Survive when you must, thrive when it’s an option.

Top 10 Survivalist Supplies – Keep these available!

  1. Survival Knife – There are thousands of survival situations that call for a knife.
  2. Survival Shelter – You must stay protected from the elements to survive.
  3. Tactical Flashlight – Be able to see at all times. There’s no telling what’s lurking.
  4. Emergency Radio – You need to know what’s going on. When it’s safe, unsafe, etc.
  5. Fire Starter – To cook food, signal for help, and to stay warm.
  6. ParacordRope is something that you can use to set traps, climb, and tie down shelter.
  7. First Aid – You have to have a complete first aid kit. This includes medications that you or your party members need daily.
  8. Backpack – You need a way to carry your survivalist supplies with you at all times.
  9. Axe – When you need more shelter or firewood, an axe will do the job.
  10. Carabiners – You may need to climb or repel at some points, or use carabiners to tie shelter down.

Emergency Car Supplies

Emergency Car Supplies

emergency car supplies

There are two types of supplies you need to keep in your car. Car safety supplies consist of the things you need if something goes wrong with your car. Emergency car supplies, however, are the items you need if you get stuck somewhere. This can be for a short amount of time, or a longer amount of time.

Your vehicle is an extension of your home, and you should keep supplies in it as if it may have to be a temporary home during disaster. If there is a catastrophic event in your home town while you are away, you need supplies to keep alive and thrive.

What if your home is flattened or a sink hole swallows it whole? If family does not live nearby, and money is tight, you need to turn to your vehicle.

A reliable and well stocked vehicle can keep you alive and comfortable. Emergency car supplies are imperative to have at all times. Let’s go through a list of items to keep in your vehicle at all times.

Keep these items in your car at all times

Emergency car supplies are important. These items are in case of disaster, which can strike any time. Who is to say disaster will strike when you are comfortable at home? Anything can happen. Instead of being afraid, just be prepared!

Car Safety Supplies

Car Safety Supplies

car safety supplies

Your vehicle is an extension of your home. You can take your car away from home, thousands of miles away, and still have some familiarity. Vehicles can have many things go wrong. A tire can pop, or slowly deflate thanks to a nail on the road. A window can stop working, a bumper can fall off, etc.

There are two sets of items you should have in your vehicle – car safety supplies, and car survival supplies.

Today, I’m focusing on the car safety supplies. In an emergency, you need your vehicle to work. When something happens on the road, you need to be able to make repairs, and make due. You wouldn’t let your home’s windows break and do nothing about it, right?

Treat your car the same way you treat your home. Know how to make repairs, read your instruction manual, and keep the following car safety supplies with you at all times.

Car Safety Supplies to Keep with You at All times

These car safety supplies help ensure that if something breaks or something goes wrong with your vehicle, you can make due. It’s important to always be able to safely get to your destination, or a safer location at any given time. No one needs to be stranded on the side of a freeway in the middle of the night.

These supplies are important, but it’s also important to know how to use them.  Make sure you know how to change a tire, use jumper cables, and any other important motor vehicle skills.

Are there any emergency supplies I forgot to mention? Let us know in the comments!

Why You Should Be Self Sufficient

Why You Should Be Self Sufficient

Why You Should Be Self Sufficient

There is so much fear in the world today, and it’s easy to see why. Political relationships between the U.S. and other countries are not currently in the best state. North Korea continues to be a threat to the West. At times, it seems as though we are moving towards a police state. There have been terrifying attacks from both terrorists and psychopathic citizens in the past decade. It feels less and less safe to go to the movies, see a concert, or fly on an airplane. We can not let fear defeat us. We must stay prepared and remain vigilant.

The best way to feel safer is to rely on yourself, and no one else. What if there was no government after today? Are you ready to live and thrive in that sort of a scenario? It’s best to be ready for this scenario and more. The power lines could be completely shut down by a simple virus or hack into the system. A mega storm could knock out power for weeks, months, or even longer. The government could run out of funding for social security and more. A virus could wipe out 90% of our population. As far fetched as these scenarios may seem, it’s important to be ready for anything that could come your way. This is why you should be self sufficient. Tomorrow is never guaranteed, however you can secure yours as best as you can.

Luckily, there are helpful guides to becoming self sufficient available online, namely on Amazon. These guides can help you start the process to being able to live without any interference if necessary. My favorites are listed below.

Guides for Self Sufficient Living

What is your favorite guide for self sufficient living? Let us know in the comments section!

Things to Buy for Self Sufficient Living

Things to Buy for Self Sufficient Living

things to buy for self sufficient living

If you are beginning a more self sufficient lifestyle, it’s a great step! Perhaps you start with a garden, or buying some land. Maybe, you even have a tiny home and some crops by now. If you are beginning your journey, there are many items to consider purchasing as a wise investment. These items will come in handy for now as well as in the future. Think of these items as an investment into your new self sufficient lifestyle. Journeying into this new world can be daunting, but it can also be very exciting! Enjoy shopping for these unique items, because they are a part of your brand new future, the start to a wonderful and grand journey into self sufficiency. Here are some things to buy for self sufficient living.

A Chicken Coop

A chicken coop is a wise investment. Having one can provide eggs for eating and adding to recipes. Even if you are in the suburbs, some areas do allow a chicken coop to be kept in the backyard.

A Dehydrator

A Dehydrator is wonderful for drying out fruits as well as meats. This will help you store food that lasts a very long time compared to traditional foods. It’s a solid investment.

A Water Filtration System

Water is a must for all life. This includes you, your family, and your animals. This filtration system has everything you need to start.

A Tool Kit

Making your own home repairs is a must for self sufficiency. Learn and practice on how to use tools to repair every day items. Use them for tasks around the house regularly to get used to them. This kit is fairly comprehensive and is inexpensive.

A Solar Power System

This is an expensive item, however it is well worth the investment. Solar power allows you to live more off-grid. There are base kits such as this one available for purchase online.

What advice would you give on things to buy for self sufficient living – sound off in the comments!

How to Become Self Sufficient

How to Become Self Sufficient

how to become self sufficient

So, what exactly is self sufficient living? In essence, self sufficient living is being able to provide for yourself and your household without outside resources or assistance. This means financially, with food, water, and everything in between. There are many reasons people want to become more self sufficient. Political climate may not be the best in a given country. Environmentally, it’s very responsible to be self sufficient and have a low impact. Over time, it becomes a much cheaper way of life to not depend on money and outside resources. So, let’s learn the first steps in how to become self sufficient – at least more self sufficient.


One of the best ways to begin self sufficient living is to start a garden. You must do plenty of research before you start, however. You need to know which plants thrive during which times in your specific climate. Here is a fantastic book on how to start growing your crops.


Water is perhaps the most important resource you must have to survive and thrive. You need a way to collect it, and a way to filter it. One simple way to collect it is to harvest rain water with a collection barrel.   You need a high quality water filter, or a barrel and filter all in one such as this one.


A growing trend in the housing industry is actually perfect for becoming self sufficient. Tiny homes have a minimal impact on the environment. They are often moveable as well. You can use solar power on a tiny home, which is much easier than on a standard size home. It takes less energy to power a tiny home. There are many clever and creative ideas for building your own tiny home in this book.

So, to learn how to become self sufficient, you need to start somewhere. Read up, study, and begin with food, water, and housing.

What is RFID Technology?

What is RFID Technology?

what is RFID technology

RFID stands for radio-frequency identification. This technology identifies and tracks tags attached to objects (or even people) – automatically. These tags store information inside of them electronically. There are many examples of this technology that you may already be familiar with. For example, when you microchip your pets, RFID technology is in the microchip. It Contains the pet owner’s address, phone number, and other identifying information. This way if the pet is lost, you can scan the RFID chip and the information will be readily available to the Veterinarian who scans the microchip. Some credit cards use RFID technology so that the credit card information can transfer to a card reader without physically touching it.

Is RFID technology safe?

There are hackers and criminals out there in the world. There are many who know how to hack personal information off of your RFID chip credit cards. Criminals carry an RFID reader with them and silently steal away identities and financial information. If you happen to carry a credit card with RFID technology, it is best to protect yourself.

RFID protection

There are several options when it comes to RFID blocking wallet protection. Here are some popular items that can help keep your identity and personal information safe:

New technology sometimes seems to be a hindrance to safety. However, we can always stay prepared and protect ourselves. For any new technology that comes out, there will always be a protection plan in place if we stay vigilant. Don’t become the person who gets their identity stolen. Be the person who prevents it by carrying the latest protection available!

Do you have any RFID credit cards in your wallet? Check your wallet out, and let us know in the comments!

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