Surviving a Flood


Surviving a Flood

surviving a flood

Be Ready

  • Listen to the news. Make sure that you are well prepared if there is a flood “watch.” This means that flooding is possible. A flood “warning” means there are already floods occurring.
  • Have a First Aid Kit prepared and take it with you when you seek higher ground.
  • Make sure to have food and water supplies to last at least one week.
  • Seek higher ground quickly and immediately. Flash floods can occur, so you may even need to leave with emergency supplies only.


  • If you find a road is already flooding, do not drive through it!
  • If you find yourself in a flooded area in your vehicle, then quickly exit the vehicle and move to safety. Your vehicle can be swept away as a result of more flood waters.
  • Two feet of flood waters is enough to carry away most types of vehicles. It does not seem like much, but in reality it can be deadly.

After a Flood

  • After a flood, there are things to keep in mind. The most important thing is to avoid flood waters. They can be contaminated with sewage, broken glass can be within the water, and even snakes may be present.
  • Do not enter buildings that are flooded. Seek the highest ground possible, and avoid buildings that have water damage. This could indicate structural problems which occur after water damage.
  • Listen to the news, again. They will most likely indicate shelters that are in place, and let you know when it is okay to go back home. Always listen to authorities on whether or not it is okay to return home.

Surviving a flood can easily be done if you stay prepared. Do not panic in these situations, because panic can lead to mistakes. Remain calm, and do not forget about flood safety.


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