Surviving a Breakup


Surviving a Breakup

surviving a breakup

Our closest connections are with people who may or may not stick around in our lives for good. It takes a lot of emotional effort, relationships, breakups, and heart breaks to find “the one.”

When you think you have the one, it makes it all that much harder surviving a breakup with that special person. Breakups do not usually end amicably. There’s tension, emotions, and both parties may not want it to end.

The emotions that accompany a breakup can take a huge toll on you both physically and emotionally. Surviving a breakup is hard, but it is possible. You will get through this. Here are some great tips for surviving a breakup.

1. Stay Healthy

Do not over drink, smoke, or start unhealthy habits. There are alternatives like healthy eating and doing yoga, or meditating. These activities will help you feel better, instead of worse. Working out is shown to decrease stress. Try some yoga for beginners or some simple meditation.

2. Let your feelings out

It’s not healthy to bottle up emotions. If you need a good cry, let it out. It’s best to have someone to reach out to as well, who can be there and support you in the tougher moments. You can get through this, but bottling up emotions can prolong the torture. A great way to let your feelings out is to actually write them down daily in a journal. There’s something therapeutic about writing feelings down on paper.

3. Hang out with positive people

When you’re feeling down or blue, a happy-go-lucky friend may not seem like your first choice. After all, misery loves company. However, it can do you a lot of good to surround yourself with positive people instead of negative Nancy’s. The dominant emotion in a group tends to spread to the less dominant. So positivity can come a long way, even to you. The power of positive thoughts is an extremely powerful thing!

4. Give to others and be grateful

Giving your time or donations to others is a very therapeutic process. It makes you have positive feelings and emotions. Helping others truly does help you. It’s something you can continue, even after you fully recover from your breakup. Volunteer, donate, repeat.

It may seem like you will never get through this. But you will survive this breakup, and you will recover.



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