Survive a Zombie Apocalypse


survive a zombie apocalypse

Seriously. A zombie apocalypse may never happen, but it totally could. At the very least, maybe a disease outbreak or widespread pandemic. A disease could potentially have similar effects as rabies, which would be terrifying if there were millions infected. Whether someone is trying to eat you or not, an infectious disease on a global scale is possible. Not only is it possible, it is probable. Take this guide on how to survive a zombie apocalypse, and apply it to being prepared for a global infection.

Watch Zombie Movies

This may not seem like the best course of action, but in reality, it is. These movies have directors and actors who study what may actually happen if there were zombies. There are realistic scenarios in movies like Zombieland, the series The Walking Dead, and even in 28 Days Later. Watch these movies for some ideas on how to prepare for a zombie apocalypse.

Stay on Social Media

If there is a zombie apocalypse, you can be sure that it will be all over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Even in emergency situations, somehow people find the time to post it to their personal pages. If you notice some strange news reports popping up on social media, you can put 2 and 2 together before the masses.

Gather Supplies

Supplies are not something you gather when a situation occurs. You gather supplies before they are needed. Here are some supplies that come in handy for a zombie apocalypse:

  • Weapons – including baseball bats, axes, guns, bow and arrows, and ammunition for your weapons. Buy a bulk amount of ammunition, you don’t know how long you will need this. Potentially, forever.
  • FoodFood supplies are always important. Keep them in stock, always! For a zombie apocalypse, you need to have enough food to last as long as possible.
  • Gas Masks – What if the disease is airborne? There are already many airborne diseases. Gas masks can prevent the spread of a disease and protect against gas warfare the government may use to eliminate zombies.
  • Clothes – Have clothes for any kind of weather. Make sure clothes are strong and easy to move around in. Knowing how to make clothes really comes in handy as well.
  • Water – Water may become contaminated. Have as much water available as you can.
  • First Aid – Doctors? Fat chance. Get yourself some basic medical training, and have a decent first aid available to you.


If you can have a bomb shelter built, do it! Sometimes the best option is to have a shelter which does not allow anyone inside. Infected individuals could try to come in, do not let them. Once infection enters, you are done for.

Following these steps, you can survive a zombie apocalypse. How do you plan to survive a zombie apocalypse? Sound off in the comments!


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