How to Survive a Long Flight


How to Survive a Long Flight

how to survive a long flight

Some people have to fly often for work purposes. It can be a real pain, mentally and physically. Maybe you don’t fly often, or rarely travel very far. Either way, if you have a long flight coming up, we have some tips on how to survive a long flight for you.


If the airline offers special meals (and they do), ask for one of these. The meal usually is more nutritious than the standard meal everyone else gets during the flight.

You also need to bring healthy snacks. Something with almonds is perfect, I personally love bringing some of these bars.

Drink LOADS of water! Yes, this does mean having to use the airline facilities more often. However, it’s worth it. It’s easier to get dehydrated on longer trips, and easier to forget to drink the appropriate amount of water.

Don’t drink alcohol or caffeinated beverages. This will dehydrate you even more.


Make sure your phone has a full battery before your flight, and bring an external battery (power bank) for recharging purposes. Just because your phone has to be on airplane mode, does not mean you can’t enjoy pre-downloaded music or movies.

Sleep Schedule

Try your best to sleep during the night – this means when it is night at your destination. This may help with jet lag and exhaustion issues from traveling far. A comfortable sleep mask does you well on long flights! Try listening to a white noise if you have troubles falling asleep. Make sure to download this before your flight as well. If you prefer silence, bring some good quality ear plugs.

Move Around

When that light above you says you can move around… do it! It may seem awkward walking up and down an aisle full of people, but you will be less stiff because of it. When you are confined to your seat, you can still move around. Simply look behind both shoulders every so often, and stretch out those legs.

We hope you have an easier time knowing how to survive a long flight with these tips. What are your best tips for surviving a long flight? Let us know in the comments section!



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