Survive a Tsunami


Survive a Tsunami

survive a tsunami

Tsunamis, when they happen, can be devastating to all life surrounding them. Tsunamis are a series of huge, awesomely powerful waves that result from underwater disturbances. These disturbances are usually earthquakes and volcanic activity. You can not stop a Tsunami from happening, but you can prepare yourself if you live in an area prone to Tsunamis.

Be Prepared

If you live in an area which is considered a Tsunami hotspot, you will need to be prepared at all times. Make sure you always have a First Aid Kit near you, whether you are at home or in your vehicle. Water, food, and climate appropriate clothing are all essential items to have stocked.

Know the signs of a Tsunami. Local authorities will help with this, as well as paying attention to the news and radio. Underground tremors are major warning signs of a potential Tsunami. Do not ignore the signs! If you see the signs and feel the warnings, immediately follow these next steps.

Higher Ground

Immediately head to higher ground. Ideally, this will be at least a few miles from the coast, or 100ft above sea level at minimum. The further away from the coast and the higher above ground, the better.

Wait it Out

Tsunamis are a series of waves. As in, more than one. Once you reach higher ground, you need to be prepared to wait out the waves and destruction. Make sure that you are in a safe location for waiting this out. When disaster strikes and others are not prepared, they are more likely to become desperate and loot. Protect your family and belongings. You may have to wait weeks before anything returns to normal.

Prepare your Family

For any time a Tsunami strikes, you need to have a plan in place ahead of time. Not only is this plan needed for yourself, but for your family as well. Have a family meeting and go over drills, plans, and evacuation and meet-up plans for when a Tsunami does strike. Make sure each person knows the warning signs of a Tsunami. Give your family easy to understand plans, and go over them regularly. It can be the difference between panicking, and calmly escaping grave danger.


Since rebuilding after a Tsunami can take months or even years, you must have a back up plan. First, you need to have plenty of food and water to last as long as possible. Next, have somewhere to go and remain after a Tsunami strikes. You may never be able to see your home again. Do you have relatives who live in an area where Tsunamis are not likely? Contact them well ahead of time, and ask if they are willing to be your backup plan for in case of disaster. Once you survive a Tsunami, you will need to survive the aftermath.


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