Survival Tools


Survival Tools

survival tools

When you think about tools, dozens probably come to mind. Hammers, wrenches, saws, screwdrivers, knives, and more. A lot of tools come in a handy power-tool version which requires an outlet or batteries. This is great for at home when the power is on and all is going well. However, in a survival situation, you need to have survival tools that do not require power. Even in your vehicle, you should always carry tools that will help both with vehicle failures and survival situations. Here are some tools to think about purchasing which do not require electricity to use.

  1. Drills – 1/4 inch hand drills work for a variety of tasks.
  2. Saw – For different tasks, having a bone saw, hack saw, and flexible saw are great to have on hand. Remember to keep extra blades!
  3. Hammer – Have both a one pound hammer and a three pound hammer available. These should get the job done.
  4. 80+ piece Socket set – Don’t go cheap on this. American made tools have a higher quality and usually have an extended warranty and exchange program.
  5. Pliers – Self explanatory! You can use different sized pliers for dozens of tasks and situations. Needle nose pliers are for a completely different set of tasks, so get one of these as well.
  6. Knives – A larger, medium, and box cutter knife can all be useful in a survival situation. They come in handy in every day life, too. Make sure to get a good file or sharpener for knives to keep them sharp!
  7. Pry Bar – You don’t want to need to use this, because it usually means you’re in quite a pickle. Keep one around for those pickles!

There are dozens of tools which will come in handy in survival situations. Always have them available to you – a situation could present itself at any given time.


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