Survival Resolutions for 2018


Survival Resolutions for 2018

survival resolutions for 2018

2017 was tough, but we’ve made it through! It’s important to ensure each year that you make survival resolutions.

This brings me to your survival resolutions for 2018 – what you need to think about starting now. It’s like a constant re-vamp of supplies, knowledge, and more. There are a few different survival resolutions for 2018 so let’s begin.

Re-stock First Aid

You should always have medications in your first aid kit. Not just your typical aspirin or antibiotics, but also your daily prescriptions. Normally, your doctor will allow you to have some extra medication if you explain that you’re stocking your first aid kit. Medications expire, and so do some medical tools and equipment. Re-stock at the beginning of each year, and always be ready!

Update Vehicle Emergency Supplies

Did you get a new vehicle in 2017? Make sure you update your vehicle emergency supplies and have the equipment you need for the exact type of vehicle you have. Spare tires should fit your wheels, extra batteries are made for specific vehicles… you get the idea. If you have a flashlight but it has been used before, it’s about time to replace those batteries for fresh ones.

Replenish your knowledge

You need to constantly gain knowledge about survival. Books are the best way to do this! Survivalist books are readily available, and cover a great span of subjects. Some great examples are:

These are some fantastic survival resolutions for 2018 and beyond. It works for every year, and sometimes even more often.

What are your survival resolutions, and other resolutions for the New Year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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