Survival Pack


Survival Pack

survival pack

Are you going on a hunting, fishing, or camping trip? Any time you take one of these kinds of trips, it is important to keep a survival pack of gear on you. Having a survival pack can mean the difference between a fun and enjoyable trip, or a terrifying and unexpected one. Make sure you have a pack with everything you need to survive.

The most important part of your survival pack will most certainly be the First Aid Kit. Your first aid should contain all of the basic supplies such as bandages, disinfectants, stitching kits, and antibiotics. Some things you should pack that you may not have thought of are vitamins, medications, and extra doses of each. You can purchase these kits, ranging from very basic to more all-encompassing. You will want to make sure it has all of the first aid supplies you need, while still fitting in a travel-friendly and compact space within your gear.

Another important aspect of your survival pack is a food supply. Foods like jerky, nutrition bars, and canned foods will last and come in handy in a pinch. It will also provide the protein you need if you run into an emergency situation. Dried fruits provide other nutrients you also need to not only survive, but stay healthy and not nutrient deprived.

The last part of your survival pack should be navigational equipment. This includes a compass, flashlights, batteries, maps, flares, and GPS equipment. If you can not find your way within your surroundings, you could be in a real pickle. GPS equipment sometimes comes equipped with emergency buttons, making it easier to contact civilization if necessary for a rescue effort.

A survival pack may be the difference which separates you from preparedness or disaster. Make sure you have one in your gear every single time you go out into the wilderness.


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