Survival Knives


Survival Knives

survival knives

Survival Knives serve many different functions, and are extremely useful. They are one of the most diverse tools you carry with you in camping, hunting, and survival situations. Here are just a few of the uses for survival knives –

  1. Cutting down rope, which is needed to tie down shelter or traps. Sometimes even for repelling.
  2. Close Range Hunting, which is necessary at times for survival. Works for larger game as well as smaller game like fish.
  3. Cleaning game – you need to be able to skin an animal before cooking and eating it.
  4. Clearing Brush – Thick brush is a constant struggle, and a larger knife can cut through this and improve vision and mobility.
  5. Weapon against hostiles – If your country or region is taken over by hostiles, you need multiple ways to protect yourself with weapons. Knives don’t run out of ammo!
  6. First Aid – Knives can be used to be heated and seal wounds. They can be used to dig out a bullet, and cut stitches after wounds are healed.
  7. Amputation – If things are not going well for someone, a knife may need to be used for amputation of small limbs.

Here is a video about Survival Knives that is very useful:


There are many different types of Survival Knives. Here are several.

  1. Pocket Knife – These fold, and are compact.
  2. Swiss Army Knife – This knife functions as a variety of different tools. With the Adventurer Model, you have a screw driver, bottle opener, tweezers, awl, and toothpick all in one. That’s a lot of uses packed in one small knife!
  3. Full Size Ka-Bar Straight Edge – This knife has a 7 inch blade, and works well for hunting and up close and personal protection against wildlife and hostiles. It gets the job done.
  4. Ontario RTAK II Fixed Blade Knife – This is less of a knife, and more of a machete. It has a carbon steel blade, and can cut through foliage. The total length is about 16.5 inches long.

What is your survival knife of choice? The best option is to always have many options. If you want to be fully prepared, you will want to have all options available to you. Each knife serves a unique purpose, and will come in handy in times of disaster.


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