Survival Instincts – Tune in to yours!


Survival Instincts – Tune in to yours!

survival instincts

Survival Instincts are an important part of human nature. They exist to serve us, but sometimes they can hinder us as well. Once in a while, make an effort to re-train your brain! With modern technology, we have texting, television, videos, and more all at our fingertips. We can easily forget about our surroundings, making our survival instincts way out of tune.

Luckily, you can hone in on your instincts by doing some exercises. One of these exercises involves bugging out, and one involves bugging in. We will go over how to do both of these below. Pick one to do, or even do both! They can’t be done at one time, but they can be done sequentially.

Bugging Out

In the world of survival, bugging out means leaving your home and going to a remote location for at least 72 hours. You must survive without the use of technology, electricity, and more. Make sure you have a bug out bag prepared at all times. Be able to pick up and go at a moment’s notice. You need to have food, water, weapons, tools, and more. A way to stay warm, a way to stay cool, and shelter are all factors to consider.


Bugging In

Bugging in is just about the opposite of bugging out. In some emergency situations, you may not be able to leave your house. It’s important to be prepared for this. Turn off the electricity, cut off the water, and prepare to survive! No electronics are allowed, so you may want to shut them down and leave them in a closet. For bugging in, you need to have just as much preparation as bugging out. Just because you are home does not mean survival will not be difficult.

How well will you fare bugging in and bugging out? At first, your modern day habits will nag you, and you may want to cave in. Don’t do it! The only way to improve your survival instinct is to focus on survival only. Modern amenities will not always be there. Cell service may not be able to save you, and you may not always be able to contact 9-1-1. Disaster can easily strike at any given moment. Hone-in on those survival instincts, and be prepared!


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