Survival Gardening


Survival Gardening

survival gardening

Food supplies are running short around the world. To “solve” this problem, GMO mega-corporation Monsanto is creating and selling genetically modified foods. There are no studies to show whether these genetic modifications cause cancer, or if they even yield larger crops than organic farm grown foods.

In places like Venezuela, the food crisis is at its peak already. People are looting in order to survive, stealing food, and even eating zoo animals. It’s horrible, and it is a desperate situation. How far away is the US from reaching a crisis of this magnitude? Well, we really can not know. In order to ensure your family will aways have food, it is time to start Survival Gardening.

Here are some important factors for creating your survival garden:

  • It needs to be low-maintenance. If water supplies are short, you need that water to drink and bathe. A survival garden must be very self-sufficient.
  • The garden must attract bees and other helpful insects, while repelling insects which eat gardens.
  • Survival Gardening should be a very private endeavor. When a food crisis strikes, you do not want anyone else to know you have a survival garden which can easily be spotted or stolen from.
  • It must be able to fertilize itself. When disaster strikes, you will not be able to simply go to the store and buy fertilizer. There are techniques to ensure your garden will fertilize itself.
  • Space is an issue. If you make it too large, you won’t be able to maintain it and keep it a secret.
  • Survival gardens need to be able to withstand extreme weather conditions. You can not afford for a freeze or heat wave to destroy your entire yield.

Lucky for you, we have found a guide available for purchase for survival gardening here. This comprehensive guide will teach you how to start and maintain your survival garden. This guide follows every bullet point we just listed, and then some. You can plant your survival garden now, and stop taking frequent trips to the grocery store. This garden can literally last a lifetime, and even after!


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