Survival Clothes


Survival Clothes

survival clothes

The clothes you need for survival will largely depend upon the weather conditions. There are many different clothing items you should have for each weather condition. We will go over some essentials for several different types of weather.


Wind can be a big problem. If you want to avoid wind-burned skin, you will need clothing that helps to prevent this from happening. One essential item to own for this type of weather is windproof pants. This pair is not only wind-proof, but they are also quick-drying. If you come into contact with moisture, getting dry is a top priority for survival. You will need a wind-proof shirt to go with your pants. This base layer shirt can be put on comfortably underneath the rest of your clothing.


Waterproof clothing is also an essential survival clothes must-have. In the short-term, wet skin can lead to hypothermia or worse. In the slightly longer-term, it can lead to fungus or even gangrene if a wound is wet. A light-weight poncho will help protect you from water, and can even double as an emergency shelter covering.

Shoes are extremely important when it comes to staying dry. Feet are what you use to travel, so they are the most susceptible to injury and can slow you down or keep you moving. A pair of survival boots like these can save your life by keeping your feet dry and warm. This pair is more cumbersome, but is even snake-proof. If you know you are going to be in an area with snake activity, go ahead and make that investment. It’s better than having a snake bite in the middle of nowhere!


Hypothermia is one of the main causes of death when people go hiking or become lost outdoors. You need clothing that is not only water-proof, but that will keep you warm in extreme conditions. These specialized socks help to retain your body heat, which is something that must be considered.

The top layer of your clothing should be water-proof and light as well. Having a tactical jacket like this as a top layer can prevent moisture from seeping into your other clothing, and down to your skin. Make sure your base layer is waterproof as well.

Survival clothes are an investment that is well worth making. These clothing items can survive for years, and can help improve your chances of survival.


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