Survival Bracelets


survival bracelets

Survival Bracelets are extremely useful. They are made up of paracord, and contain anywhere between 8 to 20+ feet of it. Paracord is a lightweight nylon rope you can find in suspension lines of parachutes. It is elastic, and has multiple survival uses. Having a survival bracelet made with paracord can save your life! Let’s take a look at several times when survival bracelets can be put to good use.

Making a Shelter

Rain, hail, wind, and other conditions may force you to create a shelter in the wilderness. You can unravel your survival bracelet and use the paracord to tie branches together. If you make a “lean-to” shelter, then tying together the branches and logs becomes much easier!


There are two different ways to use the bracelet for fishing. Make a net using the paracord, or even use it as a very sturdy fishing line. If you choose the net option, make sure you have a smaller material available to weave. You don’t want small fish escaping through the holes!


In a medical emergency, you need to act fast. A very quick way to create a tourniquet is to utilize a paracord and a strong stick. Severe bleeding needs to stop quickly, and at times a tourniquet is your best option in the wilderness.

Rescue Line

If you’re in an area with quick sand or rapid water, paracord can certainly save your life. Throw a line of paracord from a safe place to the person in distress. It is extremely strong, and capable of handling a large amount of weight. If necessary, you can also tie it around a tree trunk for additional leverage.

Do you have survival bracelets or paracord bracelets? There are plenty of options out there, so make sure you purchase one with plenty of line. Don’t go anywhere without one, because it can mean the difference between life and death.


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