Why Self Defense is Important


Why Self Defense is Important

why self defense is important

If you follow our blog, you may notice that we write about self defense. This is a survivalist blog, so why do we post about self defense so much? Survival is not only about unique disaster situations such as hurricanes or tornadoes. It’s also about day to day survival, in situations that happen all to often. Especially for women, it can be a dangerous world out there. People are arguably more dangerous than other survival situations you may find yourself in. You can’t predict an attack from an individual. The best thing you can do is to protect yourself using self defense, and this is why self defense is important.

Self Defense Classes

One way to protect yourself is to take self defense classes. There are classes in most major cities you can take to learn to protect yourself. These classes include more broad self defense classes, as well as more specific classes. These specific classes include Karate, Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and mixed martial arts classes. These classes can truly be useful to anyone. A bonus is you will most likely find yourself in better shape after completing any one of these courses, and practicing regularly.

Self Defense Products

Another way to protect yourself is to carry self defense products with you. You can keep an item in your pocket, at work, in your vehicle, and at home. Here are some examples of self defense products available for purchase:

Self defense is imperative. You must always remain prepared. Danger can lurk around any corner, at any time. Being afraid is not necessary, but being prepared is. There is nothing to fear when you are ready for any situation that may occur. We try our best to help you remain prepared here at Survival by Southern Zoomer.


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