How to be Safe around Campfires


How to be Safe around Campfires

how to be safe around campfires

As with most things in this world, campfires carry an element of danger. As Smokey Bear says, “only you can help prevent forest fires.” However, forest fires aren’t the only things that make campfire safety important. You don’t want yourself or others to get hurt when trying to camp and have fun. It’s important to practice safety when building and when near a campfire.

Where to build a campfire safely

Do not build your campfire in extremely dry conditions. This makes nearby debris more likely to catch fire easily and quickly. Choose an area at least 15 feet away from your tent, branches from trees, small plants, and other hazards. It’s also important to make sure there are not many dry leaves in the area. If it is windy, find a location which the wind is blocked. You don’t want flames to go in every direction.

General Campfire Safety

Make sure to keep children and pets away from the fire. You should never, ever leave a campfire unattended. This is when the most danger can occur. Remember to never have any flammable materials near the fire – such as aerosol containers, gasoline, hairspray, etc.

When you want to put out your campfire, try to first let the wood burn completely out, until it is all ash. Pour water over the fire afterwards. You need to drown all of the embers, whatever the color is. You may notice a hissing sound – pour until there is no more hissing. If water is not available, use a shovel to stir sand or dirt in until the fire is completely out and there is no more hissing noise.

Campfire Fun

Being safe is important, but you can still have a ton of fun around a campfire. You can make s’mores and sing songs around the fire with family or friends. Popcorn is another fun campfire food that the kids can enjoy as well. You can even use mystical fire flame to change the color of the flames temporarily. It’s quite a beautiful site!


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