How to Protect Yourself from the Zika Virus


How to Protect Yourself from the Zika Virus

how to protect yourself from the zika virus

Zika is a very scary virus. It can cause birth defects for pregnant women who contract the virus, including an awful condition which causes a baby to be born without a brain. It can also cause a host of other symptoms, ranging from very temporary and mild all the way to permanent and major. Instead of letting fear take over, learn how to protect yourself from the Zika virus. Let’s focus on the protection part, rather than the effects aspect of this virus. Simply put, you must protect yourself from this virus. While you do so, you’re also protecting yourself from a host of other diseases that can be spread via mosquito bite. You don’t want any of those either, trust us on that one.

Prevent Mosquito Bites While Out

If you’re not at home and you’re outside, you must use mosquito protection. Consumer reports lists repellant products having 20% or more DEET or 20% or more Picaridin are the most effective. Sprays such as OFF! with less than 20% DEET are shown to be quite ineffective. Picaridin sprays and lotions may have a more pleasant or mild scent over their DEET counterparts. It’s good to have both types of repellants available to you, as mosquitoes can quickly become resistant to one type of chemical. Switch it up regularly.

Prevent Mosquito Infestation at Home

There are many ways to prevent mosquito infestation at home. For example, you can get rid of any standing water. However, sometimes a neighbor or a bayou nearby makes it nearly impossible to do so. There are fog machines with mosquito prevention chemicals that you can buy online. You can spray them around your home, protecting your most vulnerable areas. You can also have your local pest control professional spray for you, but it is going to be expensive. Using a fogger lasts anywhere from 3-6 weeks depending on the weather, so we recommend doing this often.

The Zika virus is also passed through sexual contact, so it is important to practice safe sex. Make sure to protect yourself from this virus, it has caused devastation in other parts of the world. Let’s prevent devastation here. Know how to protect yourself from the Zika virus.


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