Protect Yourself from Ticks


Protect Yourself from Ticks

protect yourself from ticks

Ticks are no joke. Those little pests can spread Lyme Disease, which is not a good condition to have. Lyme Disease can mimic many other diseases and their symptoms. It can affect your organs which includes your brain and your heart. Unfortunately, lyme disease can spread to an unborn child as well. You need to protect yourself from ticks, which spread this vicious disease. There are many ways to do this, and I recommend utilizing more than one of these ways.

Protect Your Animals

The first way to protect yourself from ticks is to protect your animals from ticks. They easily hitch a ride on your dog’s fur, and are found on horses fairly often. Make sure you are giving your animals the proper, vet recommended tick prevention medication they need. Sprays also help, but medication is of utmost importance.

Insect Repellant Clothing

There are different insect repellant clothing items that go through a special process to prevent insects from entering. There are shirts, pants, and even socks. It’s very important to protect your feet, since nymphal ticks are on and near the ground. These are the smallest ticks, which you may not even notice.


Check for Ticks

Even if you pick up a tick, how long it sits on your skin matters. Its head is feeding underneath the surface and spreads more bacteria the longer it sits there. Search your whole body. If possible, have someone else assist you. The faster you find this parasite, the better.

Removing Ticks

Know how to properly remove a tick. There are specific instructions here on how to properly remove the tick so you do not spread any more bacteria. If you have a tick, send it in for free testing. It’s much better to be safe than sorry.


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