How to Prepare for Hurricane Season


How to Prepare for Hurricane Season

how to prepare for hurricane season

There are many different ways on how to prepare for Hurricane Season. There are also different times to manage different tasks in preparation. Let’s go through what you should do before Hurricane Season, when there is a warning, and when the Hurricane hits.

Before Hurricane Season Starts

You need to start off prepared for the upcoming Hurricane Season. If you live near a coast, you need to learn and know your evacuation routes. Is your house Hurricane Proof? If not, consider having your home upgraded with storm shutters, Hurricane Windows, and more. If you are having a home built, ask the builder what updates you can make to help your home be more Hurricane resistant.

There are also items and supplies you need to have an abundance of to stay prepared.

When there is a Hurricane Warning or Watch

Leave any areas that are low, or have a probability of flooding. Get to your home, and put boards on the windows and doors. If you have patio furniture or any large objects outside, you must secure those. This is also a good time to gather all of your food and water supplies, as well as the first aid kit and additional clothing. If there is an evacuation put in place, take immediate action and get out! Pay attention to all weather reports and news stations.

During the Storm

Stay in a room that is secure, does not have any windows, and does not have large objects. These large objects can become deadly projectiles. Don’t use any candles, either. These can quickly become fire hazards. Continue to monitor the weather using a radio, or NOAA radio.

After the Hurricane

First of all, make sure the storm has actually passed. Do not go outdoors until you know the storm is completely over. Even after the eye of the hurricane passes, there are still deadly winds and storms to shortly follow. If there are any power lines that have fallen or are down, report them and stay far away from them. Use your supplies including the food and water. It may take a while, but things will return back to normal. Continue to listen to the radio for weather updates. If your family needs assistance, contact local law enforcement. They may be busy, but help will come. Be patient, surviving a category 3 or higher hurricane is an achievement and a relief in itself!

Do you have any additional tips on how to prepare for hurricane season? Let us know in the comments section of this post!


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