when to use solar power

At some point in time power is going to fail. Suffice it to say, power or electricity has become an indispensable part of our lives. From powering our homes, businesses, hospitals and pretty much everything we do in between, we depend on power.

There are many causes of power failures. Here are just a few…

  • They can occur in the providers network
  • During natural causes such as lightning storms, floods, tornadoes or hurricanes
  • Animals such as large birds or squirrels coming into contact with the power lines
  • Construction accidents knocking poles and wires down
  • Brownouts – a drop in voltage that can cause lights to become very dim
  • Blackouts – complete loss of power in an area
  • Power Surges – loss of power equipment on the electrical grid
  • Falling Trees such as what occurs in ice storms.

Introducing the Solar Air Lantern

The Solar Air Lantern is perfect for survival kits, roadside emergencies, camping, backpacking, power outages and more.

That’s why it was 2015’s survival product of the year.

  • It’s compact and inflatable – 1 inch tall deflated, 4 inches tall inflated
  • It uses the sun to recharge – Uses the power of the sun
  • It’s Waterproof – Never worry about an accidental dunk or leaving it in the rain
  • It’s Shatterproof – No glass to break, perfect for kids and rough trips
  • It’s Incredibly Bright – 80 lumens offer tons of bright light
  • It’s Lightweight – Only 4 oz. for lightweight carry
  • It’s Portable – Slips into a survival kit or camping gear with ease
  • Simple operation – No wires or batteries to deal with

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