What to Pack in a Survival Backpack


What to Pack in a Survival Backpack

what to pack in a survival backpack

There are many situations in which you may need a survival backpack. In just about any survival situation, you need to have certain supplies on your person at any given time. The best way to make sure you have these items on you is to carry them in a survival backpack. If there is a natural disaster like a Hurricane or earthquake, you need to have survival supplies with you. What if you are not at home? Keep it in your vehicle or on your person. If you are on vacation, bring your survival backpack as well. But, what to pack in a survival backpack? The following are the basic supplies that you definitely need to have.

Food and Water

You may not be able to carry much water in a backpack, but at least have some water as well as a water filtration system, perhaps a compact one such as a survival straw. As for food, calorie bars can save your life in a food crisis.

A Knife

Or, multiple knives. Make sure you have a survival knife which can be used for multiple purposes. Hunting, cutting rope, and more.

An Emergency Blanket

If the weather turns, you may need an emergency blanket to survive. In a backpack, it will need to be compact. A space blanket works best.

A First Aid Kit

First Aid is important to have in any survival kit, especially in your survival backpack. A medical emergency can happen while on-the-go. You may need your medication as well. Keep a well stocked yet compact first aid kit in your survival backpack.


There are so many reasons to always have rope or paracord with you. Paracord is the best kind of rope to have. It stretches and can be very compact for traveling purposes. You can fit hundreds of feet of paracord in your survival backpack.

A Compass

Getting lost is not fun, but it can be a disaster in survival situations. GPS systems may not work at the time. Know your way around a compass, and keep it handy at all times.

What else do you have in your survival backpack? Knowing what to pack is half the battle. Don’t hesitate, stock your survival backpack today now that you know what to pack in a survival backpack.


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