How Much are Camping Tents?


How Much are Camping Tents?

How much are camping tents

Tents come in all sorts of shapes, colors, and sizes. There are tents that can fit one person, and there are also tents that can comfortably fit eight people. Obviously, these two tents are going to be different prices. Tents can come with very basic features, or they can come stocked with the latest technology. This will also make for a price difference. Are you looking for something more basic, or something from a camper’s dreams? How much are camping tents? Let’s take a look at some different tents with very different features so that we can compare prices.

Basic Small Tents

This tent is as simple as it gets. It fits two people, it has easy set up, and it’s light. It’s just over $20, which is a great price for what you’re getting. It’s not for rugged settings like extreme heat or cold, but it will work for a simple camping trip nearby. A tent like this should work several times, and is great for those who don’t camp often. However, it will not have the long-lasting durability of other, more expensive tents.

If you’re looking for something more durable, this tent is what you’re looking for. It’s heavier, but it’s more durable. With aluminum ferrules, it is nearly rust-proof. There are doors on both sides, so you will not have to crawl over anyone to exit the tent. There is a mesh roof area that can be used for stargazing. The zippers are extra large for extreme durability. At about $80, the extra features and durability may make this heavier tent worth it for you.


Larger Tents

This dome family camping tent can fit five to six people, and it is ideal for camping with the whole family. The assembly is fairly easy, and it is completely waterproof. The ultra-thin mesh makes it ideal for keeping bugs out, while allowing a breeze to flow through the tent when weather permits it. It’s just over 15 pounds, which should be expected for this size of a tent. It’s a very reasonable $134.99.

If you’re looking for the ultimate family camping tent, this Coleman is probably it. It can fit 8 people, and it even has two separated spaces, or “bedrooms.” It has two doors and seven windows for full ventilation. The poles come pre-attached, making set up take only one or two minutes, much less time than most tents. This tent is heavier, so it is not ideal for backpacking. However, if you’re driving somewhere to go camping with your family, this tent is a must-have at $270.

So, how much are camping tents? The answer is, the price can vary. It depends on what you want, and what you’re looking for. Whatever your needs, you can find them with the tents on this list!


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