Morale in Survival Situations


morale in survival situations

Morale in survival situations may seem like a luxury that you do not have time for. However, it is quite the opposite. Keeping morale high of fellow survivors, yourself, and family members is one of the most important parts of getting through a disaster or emergency situation.

Stress, sadness, loss of life, and lack of contact with the outside world are all factors which can lead to a reduced morale level. Disasters and emergency situations can have a lasting affect on your mental state. It is possible to remain optimistic and maintain a sense of humor, even when disaster surrounds you.

If you are stuck at home for an extended amount of time, it’s time to bring out the musical instruments and board games. You should do these activities after you provide and maintain food, water, and other essentials. Maybe you can sing songs together around a campfire. If you have marshmallows, roast them over a fire. Talk about all of the happy memories you share together.

Even if you will not see the outside world for years to come, you can maintain a level of morale in survival situations. If you are off the grid, make sure to bring items from home that bring comfort to each household member. Simply having a physical connection to happy memories can lift spirits and boost morale.

When you maintain a good level of morale, difficult tasks become easier to handle. Stress levels go down, and so does anxiety. These reduced stressors can prevent you from making mistakes when it really counts. If you have to administer First Aid, it becomes very important that you are not stressing out and anxious.

What would you do to maintain morale in survival situations? Let us know your plan in the comments. After all, it may save your life!


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