Make Your Hurricane Plan


Make Your Hurricane Plan

make your hurricane plan

Don’t get caught without a plan

Hurricanes will happen, they are unavoidable in certain parts of the world. You already know how to prepare for hurricane season, but you need a specific plan set in place for you and your household in the case of a hurricane near you. You do not want to wait until there is a tropical storm brewing, or wait until there is a hurricane watch. Your plan should be ready for implementation long before a storm comes.

The first thing you must do is ask yourself some questions. The answers to these questions then need a plan to handle them properly. Let’s go over some of these questions now as a basic guide.

Questions to Ask before you Make Your Hurricane Plan

  1. Do you have children in your household?
  2. Are there any elderly family members to take care of?
  3. Do you own any pets that are members of your family household?
  4. Where are all of your important documents, deeds, birth certificates etc?
  5. How much gas does your vehicle hold in its tank, and do you have extra gas storage?
  6. How many family members fit inside your vehicle?
  7. Does anyone in your household have a medical condition requiring medication?
  8. Do your family members all know CPR and other First Aid trainings? Also, do you have First Aid kits?
  9. Where are the most important and sentimental items in your home?
  10. What is your city or town’s evacuation route in case of emergency?
  11. Do you live on a flood plain?
  12. Where will you go to ride out the hurricane?
  13. Do you have flashlights and batteries?
  14. Do you have emergency food and water storage?

When you answer each of these questions, you will have an outline of your hurricane plan. These considerations are important when making sure your family will stay safe during a hurricane. It’s time to start preparing now, not when a hurricane hits. Once you make your hurricane plan, go over it with your family every year, before hurricane season. Make sure everyone knows what to do, who to contact, and where to be in case contact is lost. Medications need to be gathered. Travel needs to be arranged in advance. Important items need to be in an easy to access location. Answering these questions is truly the first step in order to make your hurricane plan.


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