How to Make Coffee While Camping


How to Make Coffee While Camping

How to Make Coffee While Camping

When you go camping, it’s nice to be able to still enjoy some of the same daily traditions you have at home. For many, the day starts with a good old fashion cup of coffee. There are a few different ways on how to make coffee while camping. Some are easier than others, and some turn out a bit more sophisticated. Either way, you should be happy to know that you do not have to go without your cup of coffee during your camping trip!

If you want to add creamer, it’s best to have some packaged dry creamers available. Liquid creamers need to be kept cold, and it can be difficult while camping unless you have a great quality cooler such as a yeti cooler.

The Old Fashion Way

The simplistic way to make coffee while camping is to fill up a coffee pot like this one with water. Dump your coffee grounds into the pot, and put it on the campfire. Once it is hot, you can pour yourself a cup of coffee. The grounds should settle down on the bottom of the cup so that you can enjoy your cup of joe!

The Coffeemaker

If you have a camping stove, you can use the Coleman Camping Coffeemaker to make coffee, just like you do at home. You put it on the stove, and it acts just as a regular coffee maker does. This is a good option when you don’t have to hike to the camp site, so you have more room in a car to store the items. It can be heavier if you have it in your backpack.

The French Press

A french press is lightweight, and easy to store in a backpack. Heat up the water, pour it into the french press, and add coffee. Voila! Your coffee brews, and you can press down to push the grounds all the way to the bottom.

Having coffee does not have to be a luxury. There are simple ways to get your cup of joe in the mornings, even while camping. Give it a try, and let us know your preferred method in the comments!


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