How to Make a Christmas Survival Kit


How to Make a Christmas Survival Kit

how to make a christmas survival kit

We take survival very seriously here at Survival by Southern Zoomer. However, it’s the holiday season! There are more types of survival kits needed than First Aid and Car Kits.

Sometimes, you have to survive your in-laws… or even your misbehaving nephew! Let’s face it, the holidays are hard to survive for many reasons.

There’s the stress of shopping for gifts, and the stress of putting delicious food on the table for all to enjoy. Family gatherings can be a real stressful time. It can be sorrowful for many, who have lost loved ones.

For people all over the world, it’s their first Christmas without someone they love. Some are thousands of miles away from their families. Others are even serving their countries instead of enjoying the holiday season. It can be a tough time, but a Christmas Survival Kit can make things much easier to handle.

Items for Yourself

  • Chamomile Tea – To sip on something that is extra relaxing and de-stressing
  • Bath Salts – For tense muscles from making all of those holiday treats
  • Lavender Essential Oil – To smell wonderful and to reduce stress
  • Eggnog – For taking a break from it all and grabbing a moment for yourself

Items for the Family Gathering

  • Board game or Card Game – To keep all ages entertained
  • Gifts – To please even the pickiest family members
  • Coconut Oil Peppermint Fudge – A healthier, tasty alternative
  • Photo Booth Props – Take funny pictures to lighten the mood!
  • Christmas Movies – Gather around and watch a Christmas classic such as “A Christmas Story”
  • Hot Cocoa – A warm treat everyone can enjoy

How do you go about surviving the holidays? What do you put in your Christmas survival kit? We love hearing from you. Let us know your thoughts on surviving the holiday season in the comments section!



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