Most Important Survival Skills


Most Important Survival Skills

most important survival skills

While most of us do not deal with survival situations daily, it is something to think about. Are you prepared for when and if disaster strikes? What if you found yourself in a live or die situation, right now at this moment? How prepared are you? These are normal things to think about, and it is important to know the answers. You need to know the most important survival skills as well as be prepared to implement them. The most important skill is not even a skill at all – it is being prepared. Are you prepared?

First Aid

One must-know survival skill is First Aid. The first step is to have an all encompassing first aid kit. The other half of the equation is to be able to use it. After all, if you have bandages but do not know how to wrap them around a wound properly, having it along will not help. Take a first aid course, and get certified. Then, make sure you have a first aid reference guide. Don’t just have it, read it and learn it. In a survival situation, you may not have time to flip through the pages of a guide.

Food and Water

Another survival skill that you need to know is how to find food and water in emergency situations. Without food or water, you are out of luck in the world of survival. When you go anywhere no matter how close, carry extra food and water with you if possible. It may save your life one day! Get a foraging guide, and make sure to read it and study it as well.

Automotive Skills

One of the most important survival skills that younger generations are lacking in is automotive skills. You need to know what to do if your car breaks down. Whether it is on the side of a busy road or in the middle of nowhere, a broken down car can lead to bad situations. Keep an essentials kit with you for car break downs. This includes a spare tire, a tire jack, water for the radiator, and other tools. Always keep a spare first aid kit in your car as well!

With the most important survival skills in your pocket, you can always be prepared. Being prepared can save your life!


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