Hurricane Survival Supplies


Hurricane Survival Supplies

hurricane survival supplies

Survival supplies are important to have for every disaster situation that is possible. Hurricanes require additional supplies, since you may have to go a month or even longer without basic amenities being available near you. Stores may be shut down temporarily, or even permanently. Your area could be considered a disaster area for a few months. Don’t forget about Hurricane Katrina, which permanently shut down many businesses. An entire economy can be on hold for an indefinite amount of time. You need supplies for before, during, and after a hurricane. Let’s take a look at what hurricane survival supplies you need to have right now.

Hurricane Survival Supplies to buy NOW

If you are stuck at home during a hurricane like many are, you need to keep these hurricane survival supplies in stock.

  • Food – Including Non-perishables, meal bars, and water. Buy enough to last months!
  • Lighting – A solar power lantern comes in handy, as do flashlights.
  • Wood, Hammer, & Nails – You need to be able to board up windows and doors, especially if your windows and doors are not hurricane rated.
  • Radio – You must have a radio to keep up with news about the weather, current status of your area, and more.
  • Tools – Things break during hurricanes, and it is to be expected. You need to be able to repair things as they come up.
  • Pet supplies – Do you have furry friends at home? They need to have enough food and water, just like you.
  • Medicine – If you or any household member takes medication, keep an emergency supply of as much as you can have. You don’t want to go a month without your most important prescriptions.
  • First Aid – Keep a First Aid Kit well supplied and handy. Injuries can happen amongst confusion, poor weather, and distress.
  • Cooking supplies – It isn’t very appealing to eat a cold can of baked beans. Make sure you have the tools to create a fire if necessary, or a camping stove. Pots, pans, and utensils are important as well.
  • Blankets and clothing – With the power out, it can get very warm or very cool. Buy blankets and warm clothing, as well as light clothing.
  • Power Generator – If possible, buy a power generator. This will make any disaster much more bearable.

Always Have Supplies

These are not supplies you can simply purchase once a hurricane warning is issued. Buy these items well ahead of time, and keep them at your home to stay prepared. People flood the stores during hurricanes, and you do not want to be caught up in that mess. Hurricane survival supplies are important to have in your home, right at this very minute!



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