How to Survive Moving


How to Survive Moving

how to survive moving

There are many things we go through in life that may not be fun, but are worth it. For example, childbirth may not be the funnest of activities – however you get a beautiful baby to raise in exchange.

Moving is one of those things most of us do multiple times throughout our lives. Maybe you have a job offer waiting for you in another state, or maybe you’re moving into a house from an apartment.

Whatever the case may be, you need to know how to survive moving because it can be a stressful, expensive process.

Save up

Moving is expensive. There are moving companies that make moving a heck of a lot easier than trying to pile all of your furniture into your car, or even a truck. Using movers tends to reduce stress, making it worth it.

You also normally have to have a down payment or a deposit saved up, depending on whether you’re buying or renting. Boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and other supplies – they all cost money. Give yourself at least six months before you move to build up a savings specifically for moving.


Don’t stress too much about moving. If you gave yourself enough time, you can pack little by little each day.

If it’s an unexpected and sudden move, get friends to help, or even hire help. Take a relaxing bath and use essential oils to soothe your muscles, which can tense up from stress.

How to survive moving is not all about financials. You must take care of yourself as well, and do not let the whole process overwhelm you. Try some yoga in between packing up!

Remember that the finish line is near. The move will happen, and you will be in a home of your own. Knowing this can put your mind at ease.


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