How to Survive College


How to Survive College

how to survive college

Congrats, you made it into College! That’s an accomplishment to truly be proud of. It is a long, winding road on the way to college. Surviving high school alone is difficult. Feel good about yourself!

Now, it’s on to the next big goal: surviving your first year of college. Your first year in college is generally the most difficult time there.

How to survive college is different for everyone, but there are some basics that apply to just about anyone. We have those basics here, for your reading pleasure. Enjoy and don’t forget – you can survive it!

Go to Orientation

Is it really necessary to hear professors talk and have college students give you a tour? Yes! You can gain a lot from orientation, including being able to find your way around campus better. Who knows – you might even make a friend or study buddy.


Stay Organized

In high school, things are generally done for you so you don’t have to stay too organized. This is majorly different in college. You are still given a syllabus, however it is up to you to organize everything. A schedule book is essential – if your phone breaks or an app crashes, you don’t want your schedule gone forever. Sticky notes you strategically place around your dorm can help with short term goals and plans. Don’t forget about that test on Tuesday!

Go to Every Class

This might seem like a no-brainer. However, you’re in control of your schedule in college. You pay to go there, and it’s not any professor’s responsibility to ensure you come to class. The temptation to skip class is ever present, so you need to have some self motivation and responsibility. You can miss something important at any given time.

Take Notes

Most assignments are now handed in online. The days of turning in a print-out essay are almost over. You need a dependable laptop to take notes and turn in assignments. There are many options, however we like this one if you are on a budget, and this one for a better long term investment. It’s worth it to keep all of your information in one place. Don’t forget to back everything up daily in case of a crash!

How to survive college depends entirely up to you. If you take our tips into consideration, you may find it to be a bit easier. We wish you the best on your educational journey!


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