How to start Campfires


How to start Campfires

how to start campfires

Campfires are a great way to light up the night when camping. If you’re in trouble out in the wilderness, this is also a good time to start a campfire. It improves visibility, deters certain pests, and allows you to cook food.

How you start your campfire depends on what is available to you at the time. Let’s go through a few different ways on how to start campfires.

First, make sure you know how to build a campfire. You need to light the tinder, which will help the kindling catch flames. Carefully place the lit tinder on top of the other tinder, which is there to help ignite the kindling.

You also need to make sure you have an understanding of campfire safety. It’s imperative to know this before you start building fires and camping in general. After all, you don’t want to start a fire that you don’t know how to put out!

Here are some ways to start campfires

  • Matches or a lighter – This method is easy enough. Matches can get wet and become useless, and lighters can run out of fuel. Keep this in mind.
  • Lightning Nuggets – Simply place the round side down in your campfire, and light around the flat edge. It will create a flame that lights the rest of your campfire.
  • Fire Starter – This is an easy item to always carry with you. You strike the two components together to begin a flame. Easy-Peasy!

Now that you know how to start campfires, it’s time to go camping! Don’t forget to pack all of your camping gear and emergency supplies.

After all, the wilderness is no longer man’s natural environment. We must re-educate ourselves on how to survive in nature’s harsh landscapes. Good thing we can also have a fun time doing it!


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