Fundamental Survival Tips Venturing Into The Backwoods


survival prepThanks to the worldwide popularity of outdoor camping, hiking, and walking at an all-time high, there certainly is a good solid desire to recognize even the best common survival skills prior to embarking on your outdoor adventure.

Although the majority of tourist destinations that include camping locations and hiking trails tend to be labeled to ensure that you stay on the right trail, there are occasions where you can wander from the designated path and become suddenly lost in the backwoods.

Having said that, being aware of these fundamental backwoods survival tactics may easily play a big factor in whether or not you can persevere in the outdoors until you are found or have discovered your way back.

Survival Preparations

call family and friendsThe first thing you want to do prior to actually departing for your outdoor journey is to let your friends and family know where you are heading and when they should anticipate your return. This can help immensely if you are stranded out in the middle of nowhere, not to mention your rescue.

Local authorities can then be alerted that you are off course. They will then search the area exactly where your last known whereabouts were and determine specifically where to search for you. This can also help in the amount of time you spend in the backwoods before your recovery.

So make sure that if you are intending to take an outdoor excursion, you let another person know where you are traveling and when you expect to be back.

Find Shelter

shelter if trying to Survive when lostAnother essential backwoods survival tip is to find shelter if you have determined yourself displaced in the woods.  Make sure that you choose a shelter that will protect you from environmental conditions and outdoor creatures.

Keep in mind that the temperatures can drastically change between night and day, especially in higher elevations. Therefore, make sure that you are choosing a shelter that can keep your body temperature well balanced and that you don’t get too chilled.

You want to make sure that you have a type of roof structure or covering so if it rains you don’t get soaked. Mixing wet clothing and cold temperatures only leads to more serious life threatening difficulties.

Make sure that you get comfortable with your surroundings of your camp site so that when you do venture out to locate food and water you don’t become disoriented and can’t find your way back to your shelter.

Attempt to leave “bread crumbs”, sort of speak, such as marking trees with a knife or sharp object and/or arranging leaves or branches you can identify along your trail. This is a very important tip that anyone that plans to survive in the outdoors should know.

Get A Fire Going

survival tipsThe next crucial tip to surviving the backwoods after settling on a campsite is to get a fire going.

For many reasons, a fire is crucial to have when you are lost out in the open. A fire can help you stay warm and comfortable at night, keeps wildlife from getting close to your camping site, and can also act as a stove to cook meals.

A fire is also vital to keep stoking as the smoke from the fire can alert rescuers and help pinpoint exactly where your camping site is located.

You want to make sure that your fire is constantly burning. Locating fire wood to keep it going is another superb word of advice when it comes to surviving in the backwoods.

Find Food and Water

survival tipsAfter you have found a camping site and created a fire for your camping area, your next step is to find food and water.

It is always wise to carry a back pack whenever you go on an outdoor excursion. It should contain essential survival equipment, such as drinking water, canned items, a metal dish, eating utensils, and a can opener.

Having said that, subsequent to running out of supplies in your survival back pack, find a clean source of drinking water, such as a running stream. Plus, scour the area for wildlife that can be hunted or locate a good fishing spot to fish. Keeping yourself hydrated is critical as well as eating food to give you energy until you are rescued.

Stay Cool, Calm & Collected

One of the most vital tips you need to make sure of if you do get lost in the backwoods is to stay relatively calm. For many people, they become agitated and then frightened when they recognize they are suddenly lost.

However you need to remain calm, cool and collected, as the idiom goes, because you need all of your skills and energy focused on surviving until you are either located or have found your way back again.

Even though all of the tips provided are very simple survival tips, they are very important when it comes to in fact surviving in the outdoors especially for days on end.

So make absolutely certain the next time you decide to go on an outdoor getaway that you remember to keep these simple tips in your mind and use them if you happen to get lost in the outdoors.

Just remember…Prepare – Survive – Thrive!


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