Food Storage Preparation


Food Storage Preparation

food storage preparation

Food storage preparation is vital. If you want to be prepared for disaster, you need to have at least one month’s worth of food stored. Make sure you store these foods in a dry, dark, and cool place. There are garage storage kits available for purchase online which will make storage easy and safe.

Which Foods to Store

You want to have perishable, non-perishable, and dry foods available at all times. As for perishable foods, make sure you use them and replace them to always maintain freshness. This also helps the food to always last much longer in case of a disaster. Canned foods that either do not expire or have a very long expiration should be kept in abundance. Always keep a few week’s worth of water, meaning about 2 quarts of water per person, per day. Dry foods to purchase include beans, rice, flour, fruits, jerky, and freeze-dried foods. Always check for salt content, it will make you thirsty and may affect water intake needs each day. You should also keep foods available that your family is used to consuming. Familiar foods can boost morale when you are stuck in a disaster situation. If you like canning your own foods, make sure they are properly sealed at all times.

Meal Bars

You can purchase high calorie meal bars which last a very long time online. These meal bars can come in handy when you are rationing food and three well-balanced meals are not always an option. Keep several dozen of these, but do not over purchase them. They will expire one day, and if you do not have to use them in a disaster situation, rarely will you choose to eat them. They are not always the best tasting option, but they will keep you alive.

Vitamins and Nutrition

Always keep your home stocked with vitamins and supplements. If you know you have a vitamin deficiency, you need to have those vitamins stocked as well. When living off of food storage in a survival situation, it is much more difficult to get the nutrients you need. Protein and nutrition bars formulated to have an extra dose of nutrition and supplements are good to keep around. Nuts and dried fruits have vitamins and healthy fats needed for your body, so consider trail mix. With these mixes, always check for salt content.

Having food storage can mean the difference between barely making it or surviving and thriving. When a hurricane or tornado leaves you without power or stores closed down, food storage preparation is key. Always be prepared, and stay vigilant! Thanks to having stored food, you will have much less to worry about when the time comes to use it.


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