Extra Survival Gear


Extra Survival Gear

extra survival gear

If you have your survival pack ready, that’s great! It contains the most important tools you need to be able to survive the wilderness. However, if you want to be even more prepared, there is some extra survival gear you will want to consider. This gear consists of items most people would not normally think about buying. These items come in handy in unique situations, and you want to be prepared for any situation!

Pocket Blanket – 

  • A pocket blanket is a blanket which can fold into an extremely small space. They can fit in your pocket, for easy portability. Find one that is waterproof. It can double as a “roof” over your shelter, or keep you from being exposed to wet ground.

Car Multi-tool

  • A multi-tool designed specifically for your car can really come in handy. It has a seatbelt cutter for when you get stuck, and one side of it can break through glass. If your car ends up going underwater, you will need this tool to be able to get out.

Magnesium Fire Starter

  • Having a lighter is great, but lighters run out of fluid. These fire starters come with everything you need to quickly and efficiently start a fire. Even better, they are waterproof.

Life Straw

  • The Life Straw is an incredible invention. You can drink any water you are able to find through this straw. It filters more than 99.9% of all waterborne bacteria and parasites. Finding drinkable water is one of the most important survival skills, and this tool makes it extraordinarily easy.

Pocket Chainsaw

  • This useful tool is a flexible chainsaw that fits in a small pouch. Being able to cut through large branches on trees will help you build shelter and gather wood for fires.

Keeping extra survival gear is important. If you want to be as prepared as you can be, you need to have more than just the basics. With these extra survival items, it will make your survival experience much easier than it could be. You are already going to have to work hard to survive. Make the experience easier!


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